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What to Look for When Buying a House: Reviewing Common Red Flags

Knowing what to look for when buying a house can keep you from purchasing a home needing costly repairs down the line. Read to discover what red flags to look out for when house hunting.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Bundle Home and Auto Insurance 

Bundling home and car insurance is a great way to save money on an annual basis. Learn why you should bundle your two insurances today, and how ONIT can get you started.

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How to Save Money On Homeowners Insurance: A Tips Guide

Having home insurance is something that buyers are required to do. Therefore, don’t overspend! There are so many home insurance companies and different plans out there, so don’t take the first option that you see. Here are some great tips that can teach you how to save money on homeowners insurance. Consider Increasing Your Deductible […]

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What to Do in a Pandemic: 3 Steps to Feel More Control

Looking for ways to stay in control in a pandemic even with all the day-to-day changes? Here's 3 steps you can take to equip yourself.

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Smart Devices Might Get You Home Insurance Discounts

Fun fact: smart devices can help you save money on home insurance. Read to discover which smart devices you should install to enjoy these home insurance discounts.

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Insurance Providers: How to Choose The Right One Like A Pro

There are a lot of insurance providers out there. Not sure how to find the right one? We review key considerations that can help simplify your search and bring you to the right provider.

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How to Shop For Home Insurance: Easy Money-Saving Tips

While shopping for home insurance can seem daunting and maybe even expensive, there are simple measures you can take to save money and get the coverage you want. Read to learn more.

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A large SUV with glowing headlights is sitting in snow outside of a rustic home ready to drive off.

10 Simple Tips For Driving in the Snow

Snow can be a bit of a conflicting subject. Sure, it's beautiful and fun to enjoy. But it can also make it easy to run into trouble on the road. Stay safe during the snowy season with these 10 simple tips for driving in the snow.

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What Do Home Inspectors Look For: A Preparation Checklist

Having a home inspector visit your property can be stressful. Make the process easier by understanding what do home inspectors look for. Read to learn about the main items they review and how you can prepare your home.

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How Much Auto Insurance Do I Need: The Complete Coverage Guide

Car insurance is as essential as health and life insurance for anyone who owns a car. If you need a car to operate efficiently, then getting an insurance policy that covers it against any mishap is crucial. However, you don’t need to pay a lot for car insurance if you do your homework. This guide […]

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An Easy Guide On How to File An Auto Insurance Claim Against Someone

So you were in a car accident. Maybe it was in a parking lot. Maybe it was backing out of your driveway. No matter what happened, we’ll tell you more about how to take steps so you can put it all behind you. If you’re wondering how to file a car insurance claim against someone, […]

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