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How to Prevent a Christmas Tree Fire: a Tips Guide

There are so many things to think of during the holidays. Don't let the fear of a Christmas tree fire ruin your home or your holiday spirit! Follow these easy tips to make sure your home stays safe.

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5 Home Security Tips to Make Your Home Safer in 2021

Use these five easy tips to keep your home and family safer in 2021. Not only are they easy changes, but their effects can save you from someone breaking in.

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How to Use Amazon Echo Dot to Improve Productivity

Not sure how Amazon Alexa can help you stay on top of things throughout your day? Here's some easy tips and tricks for using the Amazon Echo Dot to improve your productivity.

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How To Use Smart Security To Stay Connected During COVID-19

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing might make it seem difficult to stay connected with friends and family. Here's how you can use the smart security devices in your home to maintain connection.

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4 Reasons You Need Smart Security Lights Around Your Home

Looking to improve the overall security of the exterior of your property? Here are four reasons why installing a smart security lighting system can help you get there.

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America’s Favorite Smart Home App

Having a smart home security system can change the way you live in your home. Having a smart home app can change the way you leave your home. From live videos, to real-time alerts, the smart phone apps can give you the insights you want whenever you're away.

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A black home safe box sitting against a black background.

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for a Home Safe Box

A home safe box offers protection for your important valuables. But to get the most security, you should keep these 7 things in mind when searching for your box.

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camera on yellow wall facing smart phone

How to Find the Best Home Security System in 2021

Home security systems have advanced greatly in the last few years. Whether you're looking to upgrade, or buy your first home security package, there are things that you should know before you buy!

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Cheap Home Security Systems: Safety On A Budget

Home security is important, but that doesn't mean it should be costly! There are companies and equipment that will keep you safe without breaking the bank.

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Don’t Break the Bank: DIY Smart Home Ideas

Smart homes are all the rage, but sometimes your budget can only allow for so much. Here are some of the best DIY smart home ideas so your home can be advanced, without blowing through your budget.

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What Is the Best Home Security System for 2021?

New year, new home security system. Learn about five different companies, their pricing, and what they can offer to keep your home and your family safe. We include information about base pricing, monthly pricing, contract length, installation, trial period, and warranty.

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How to Automate Your Home on a Budget: 4 Creative Ideas for Simplicity

A smart home can make managing your home much easier. But often we consider smart technology too expensive and out of reach. Discover how to automate your home without breaking the bank and with just a few items.

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10 Incredibly Simple Fall Safety Tips For Homeowners

Many of us enjoy fall for different reasons. There’s the nice weather, holidays, and delicious food that only makes sense to enjoy during this time of year. Unfortunately, the seasonality shift can bring danger to our homes if we don’t take precautions. Read to discover these simple fall safety tips that can keep you and your loved one’s safe.

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