10 Things You Should Know About Service Dog Etiquette

Service dog etiquette is a really important topic; however, it is rarely discussed. It’s likely that you have been in public and seen a service dog and didn’t know the proper service dog etiquette. But did you know that there are rules to approaching a service dog? You should avoid doing certain things around service […]

Home Remodel Before and After: An Inside Look at Full Process

Since 2021, ONIT Home has been supporting Rebuilding Together North Texas (RTNT) through an annual donation campaign. RTNT is a non-profit organization and a local affiliate of Rebuilding Together, a nationwide non-profit started in 1988. The organization actively supports the community by completing essential home repairs for individuals and families in need. These home improvements […]

Top Nine Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Are you looking for home improvement ideas that will not break your budget? We have you covered! Spicing up your home can be a fun project, and with so many ideas out there, it could be hard to find where to start. From simple upgrades to repurposing used furniture, here are nine budget-friendly, modern home […]

Top DIY Home Remodel Ideas to Do In Your Free Time

There is no time like now for a diy home remodel– but where to begin? Depending on your time frame, there are diy remodel ideas that can enhance the value and aesthetics of your property, while also improving quality of life for those living there. Visit ONIT Home to simplify and conquer diy remodel projects and tasks, big and small with trusted […]