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Do Water Filters Remove Lead?

No one wants lead in their water. It's a harmful contaminant that can cause health problems in both children and adults. But can you use a water filter to remove the toxin from lingering in your H2O?

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How Many Glasses of Water Should You Drink A Day?

How many glasses of water should you drink a day? With all the different answers out there, it's hard to find the right one. Read for a clear answer and easy tips on how you can get more water in your system.

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How Often Is City Water Tested: The Answer Might Surprise You

How often is city water tested? Considering we use our water for more than just a few things, we'd like to think it was often. Discover answers here.

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How to Filter Tap Water On a Budget: Affordable Solutions To Consider

So you want to filter your water and enjoy clean and healthy H2O but worried it might be too expensive for your home? Don’t worry, you have options. Here’s how you can filter tap water on a budget.

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City of Colleyville Water Quality Review – What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Are you a resident of Colleyville, Texas, wanting to know if the tap water in your town is safe to drink? Our review of Colleyville's water quality is here to help you find answers.

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woman in button down shirt with bottled water and water in glass

Bottled Water vs. Filtered Water: A Tale of Two Waters

Two common sources of water are bottled water and filtered water. With high popularity on both, do we really know what is in that water? Is there one that is healthier than the other? Understand the differences of both, and learn what the best form of water is.

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Soap suds in a woman's hair as she shampoos her strands.

The Best Hard Water Shampoo to Fight Frizzy Hair

Hard water can be rough on our hair and scalp, drying both out while leaving our strands dull and lifeless. Maintain moisture in your hair with these hard water shampoos that work to defend your hair and scalp from hard water minerals.

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A woman with dark red fingernails is holding a glass of water on her leg.

Well Water vs City Water: Which is Safer For My Home?

When moving into a new home, one of the big questions to consider is your water source. Properties with access to well water might have you weighing the pros and cons between well water vs city water. Some families might have a general confusion as to what well water is. Read for a complete breakdown.

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