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Find Peace of Mind with Renters Insurance from ONIT Home

Renting a space comes with its own set of perks. There’s amenities, zero repair bills, and the flexibility of living somewhere for a fixed period. But even though you don’t own your property, you’ll still have lots of items you’ll want to protect. Renters insurance provides coverage for your things in the event of a disaster. At ONIT Home, we’ll help you find a policy that can handle any setback at a low monthly premium.

Simplifying your search for the best insurance coverage is what we do. We research policies and rates from the top insurance companies for you to make getting the right policy easy. We steer you away from policies with loopholes and search for discounts to set you up with the perfect match.

Give us a call today so we can start working on getting you the best coverage.

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ONIT Home and Goosehead Insurance

Separate the Best from the Rest

We partnered with Goosehead Insurance because time is money. When you join our team, we’ll save you both. Our agents analyze and compare renters insurance policies to find the best choices tailored just for you. We’ll show you the top choices and put the power of information right in your pocket.

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Life’s Unpredictable.

Insurance for Renters Keeps You Covered When You’re in a Bind

When you’re renting a home or apartment, your landlord isn’t responsible for covering your items if an accident happens. Don’t be left hanging and forced to cover your losses out-of-pocket. Insurance for renters will help repair or replace your items. With the low monthly rate you’ll get from ONIT Home, it would be silly to take the risk and go without coverage.

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What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

Renters insurance covers more than you think. From water damage to that cooking experiment resulting in a fire, costly accidents can happen at any moment. And let’s face it, the cost of replacing our items is expensive. With renters insurance, you can protect yourself from hefty fees with property coverage, personal liability coverage, medical expenses, and loss of use coverage.

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Other Surprising Coverages Included in Renters Insurance

Who said renters insurance just covered your belongings? A renters insurance policy packs a load of other coverages to help in tough situations. Other surprising coverages include:

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Other People’s Items

Let’s say you borrow a friend’s jacket and it got damaged in a covered peril. Your renters insurance policy will help pay to replace the item.

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If there’s a power outage and the food spoils inside your refrigerator, you can file a claim with your insurance provider.

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Identity / Credit Card Theft

If a thief runs off with your credit cards, your insurance policy can protect you from fraudulent spending tied to your account.

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Belongings Not In Your Home

Renters insurance will cover items damaged outside your home, for example, if they were inside your car or in storage.

What Does Renters Insurance Not Cover?

Who said renters insurance just covered your belongings? A renters insurance policy packs a load of other coverages to help in tough situations. Other surprising coverages include:


Natural Disasters

You’ll need to beef up your renters insurance with additional policies if you want coverage for natural disasters like flooding and earthquakes. Renters living in high risk areas for these events should add this coverage to their policy.


Property Damage from Pests

Renters insurance will not cover damage from rodents, termites, and other vermin.

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Big Ticket Items

Similar to natural disasters, you’ll need to add more coverage or an endorsement to your renters insurance for high value items like antiques, jewelry, family heirlooms, or fine artwork.

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Intentional Damage

If you intentionally damage property, you will not be able to file an insurance claim to replace or repair the item.

Find Your Perfect Policy Today!

How much renters insurance do I need?

Review the items you own and estimate the total cost. Some apartment buildings will require a minimum valuation for tenants. You should also determine if you’ll need endorsements or extra coverage against certain events or for high value items.

How much is renters insurance?

Determining how much is renters insurance depends on the level of coverage you need, where you live, your credit score, your pets, your deductible, and your claims history. When you partner with ONIT Home, getting a great rate from a trusted company is easy and fast.

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