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Moving can be stressful, we have the resources to help make it easier.

When in the thick of moving, packing and deciding what to do with your belongings can be stressful. Having the right supplies on hand, staying organized, and calling on the right professionals can make the process easier. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!

house being packed up house being packed up

Help with every step of the move:

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The Art of Packing like a Pro

laptop and monitor

Computers and Devices

Power down devices and disconnect power cables. Prevent static electric damage by dusting out your computer with canned air prior to packing it. Use the original packaging if possible and keep bubble wrap or padding around your items to protect screens. Move these items in your vehicle rather than the moving truck to help prevent damage.

canned air duster

Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster, 10 oz Cans, 2 Pack

cheese, chicken, avocado


Layer small boxes with heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Pack food in containers or sealable pouches. Use as many of your groceries as possible and avoid buying more to prevent waste. Designate boxes for varying food items. Clearly label each box with a marker.

storage containers

Multi-Purpose Storage Bins 6-Pack

tea pot and cup


Wrap each breakable item individually. Make sure the boxes are packed tightly with paper or bubble wrap to prevent the items sliding around inside the box.

rolls of bubble wrap

180' of bubble wrap (preforated every 12”)

potted plant


Repot plants into plastic containers a weeks ahead of time. Water plants a few days before moving them. Pack them last, and unpack them first. If you pack them in a box, poke some holes in them to allow air flow.

plastic plant pots

12-Pack 6-inch Plastic Plant Pots

stack of books


Pack boxes with paper on the top, bottom and sides to protect your books from damage. Pack in multiple small boxes to keep them from getting overly heavy.

roll of brown paper

Brown Kraft Paper Roll - 100'

Appliances & Furniture

Disconnect and secure all power cables. Remove detachable parts and pack them separately. Keep appliances upright while moving. Use moving blankets to protect your furniture from collecting scratches, stains or tears.

moving blanket

Heavy Duty Moving Blanket


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Tidying Up The Space

Dusting off and disinfecting items while packing will make moving easier. It can also help you organize and keep better track of things you want to keep or leave behind. Before unloading all your boxes into your new home, pull out the cleaning supplies to dust off surfaces, disinfect bathrooms, and vacuum your floor. You never know how many people toured your home during the buying process. Hiring professional cleaners offers a deeper, longer-lasting clean.

Professional Moving

Save time and avoid the hassle by hiring the right professionals to help you move your belongings. Whether you need help with your whole home or just the big stuff, we'll help you find the right people to make moving a breeze.

DIY Moving

Renting a moving truck or storage unit lets you call the shots in your big move. If you're doing most of the heavy lifting on your own, plan well in advance and try to relocate on a weekend where there's likely to be more flexibility in your schedule. Begin the move as early as possible to avoid the heat or rush hour traffic. Call on friends or family members you can count on to help you load and unload items for a few hours. Book your moving truck or storage unit at least a month ahead of time to ensure availability. Visit the storage unit to assess the measurements of the space so you pick a size that can comfortably fit your possessions.

The proper lift to avoid moving injuries.