Solar power systems

Go Solar with ONIT and Maximize Your Energy Savings

  • Reduce your energy bill by as much as 60% over 30 years.
  • Low Price Guarantee with systems as low as $2.95/watt.
  • Maximize energy savings with unique Energy Star upgrades.
  • Never be without power again with battery backup plus generators.

Lock-in your electricity rate and save money today.

There's never been a better time to go solar. Over the past decade, electricity rates have increased at an average of 3.4% each year. When you go solar, you lock in your energy rates while going green! This means as rates increase you save even more as your solar panels do the work. Now that's taking control of your future.

When you switch to solar, you can crank up the heat in the winter or blast your air conditioning all summer long without having to worry about your electricity bill skyrocketing. Contact us today to take matters into your own hands.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Lowest-priced solar energy system on the market, guaranteed.

Reduce or Eliminate Your Energy Bill

With ONIT Energy you can save up to 60% on your electricity bill over the course of 30 years.

Lock-In Your Electricity Rates

Avoid paying rising electricity rates and lock in your energy bill when you go solar.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Get up to a 26% credit on your taxes after you have a system professionally installed.

Increase Your Home's Value

A solar energy system increases property values by an average of 4.1%. Appraisal addendum included upon request.

Go Green and Save Green

Solar panels cut back your carbon footprint while reducing your monthly electricity bill.

The ONIT Promise

We're here to help families and businesses conquer projects big and small with trusted solutions and products.

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Your Solar Energy System

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Add a generator and never be without power again.

Rolling blackouts, strong winter storms, and power outages put essential items, like our food and medication, at risk. When you use a Solar Power Plus+ system from ONIT, you'll have reliable energy at all times. Our Power Plus+ systems with battery storage and backup generators ensure your food never spoils and your medication is never compromised. Keep your resources and family safe with ONIT Energy today.

Save as much as 60% with ONIT Energy

At ONIT Energy we have a unique process that helps our customers save up to 60% on their energy bill over the life of their system.

Reduce before you produce.

When it comes to the future of your home, we take a smart energy approach. This ensures your home is efficient and comfortable before we even install your solar system. We start by with conducting certified home energy audits. We'll help you determine if insulation, air barriers, duct seal, and efficiency lighting retrofits, will help reduce your home's overall energy consumption and total energy expenses before your solar system is installed.

Reducing your home's wasted energy by up to 10% means you won't have to purchase as many solar panels, saving you even more on your energy bill. As a bonus, these upgrades and solar panels will help your home sell for more than your neighbors. Call us now to speak to a solar specialist about ONIT's unique approach to energy efficiency.

Affordable and Efficient Solar Energy Systems

We offer homeowners like you the lowest-priced solar energy system on the market, guaranteed. An affordable system reduces your solar loan amount while increasing your savings. We utilize cutting-edge Panasonic HIT solar panel technology reducing the need for extra panels and ultimately lowering the total cost of your solar system while maximizing total savings.

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Enjoy The Texas Solar Incentive Tax Break Before It's Gone

There are plenty of ways to save and make money when you switch to solar in Texas. Currently, you can enjoy a 26% tax credit from the Federal Government. But you'll have to act fast! This reward is set to disappear in 2024.

When you install solar panels on your roof, the value of your home will increase. But in Texas, you get a state property tax exemption that keeps your hard-earned money in your pocket. Looking for another reason to make the switch? Texans can earn energy credits with the net metering system.

Federal Solar Tax Credit





How much is your tax credit?







ONIT's Complete Protection Plan

Our solar panels already come with a fantastic 25-year warranty, however, a simple upgrade gives you the industry's most comprehensive, 30-year protection plan. Rely on the protection plan to cover each component of the entire system and associated labor with no deductible. Choose ONIT with confidence as every homeowner has access to our A-rated insurance company with extensive experience protecting the solar industry. Additionally, every plan comes with a workmanship warranty safeguarding your roof against roof penetrations resulting from environmental elements.

Complete Protection


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Zero Deductibles check close
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Not all solar panels are created equal. Solar systems designed for the future.

Our solar energy systems are state-of-the-art and future ready. They can generate energy as a "Virtual Power Plant" to reduce stress on your grid. Our solar energy systems also use cutting-edge software perfect for operating with batteries, smart thermostats, and smart home devices. Always know how things are working with Advanced Monitoring Software through Curb, which provides energy reporting, automation, and connectivity to ensure you have access to the newest utility programs.

Low Temperature Coefficient
Standard solar panels produce lower amounts of energy when temperatures rise above 77 degrees. Our panels continue to work and produce 13% more energy in high temperatures.

Low Degredation Rate
Our HIT panels have one of the lowest degradation rates available. So low that we guarantee a minimum of 90.76% power output after 25 years on your roof. That's 30% more power than the average solar panel.

Included 25-Year Warranty
Our solar panels are backed by a 25-year warranty which covers power output, product defects, workmanship, and labor.

Maintain a Top Performing Home with Our Free Energy Audit

Our energy audit analyzes every nook and cranny of your home to make sure it’s best serving your needs. We'll give you suggestions on how to lower your energy bills, conserve energy, and create a more efficient space.

Guaranteed Savings on Your Energy Bill

After the energy audit is conducted, your technician will review the results with you in detail. This report will include an estimate of how much you’ll save each month on your energy bill. We are confident in the results, so much so that we guarantee them if you choose to move forward with the recommendations.

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