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We're ONIT

Our name embodies the very idea of who and what we are. Simplifying and demystifying home services. We take action, providing products and technology in the way our customers want it. But most importantly, we are a honest and trusted source when they need it.

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From a small business in a garage to a business in the community, one thing has always remained the same: helping people with their homes.

Before there was ONIT, there was Curtis Kindred.

Following his second tour in the Army, Curtis moved from Savannah, GA to sunny Arizona to follow his passion for golf. Needing to make money, Mr. Kindred was offered an opportunity to begin selling home security systems door-to-door. After helping his first family with a home security system, he was hooked. From there, he decided to put all of his energy into the home security industry - quickly finding success, and turning his success into a vision.

In 2010, Curtis moved from Arizona to Texas where he founded American Defense Systems, a home security company out of his home's garage. The company grew, adding multiple teams and opening up an office in Dallas, Texas. As he continued to help more and more families, Curtis noticed an ongoing need for trusted sources in the home services space. He realized that he could further enrich families and businesses by making more products and services available.

This need for a trusted source became the foundation for ONIT, providing more than just security. ONIT's aim to be the trusted source for every home service - including security, solar energy, water filtration, insurance, concierge for TV, internet, and utilities, and roofing. We're here to help you from the day they move in, to the day you move out.

Our name is our mantra.
Whatever you need, we're ONIT.

To us, being ONIT means living up to the phrase, “On It.” We do this by providing the best customer service, top products, and exclusive deals to enrich families lives and help businesses thrive. Protection goes beyond a security system. We protect families through safe drinking water, renewable energy, dependable insurance and top rated home security. Finding the best solutions for our customers, so they win, is our passion.

Being ONIT applies to our employees through giving to families, businesses, and the community each day. However, our outreach doesn't stop in the office! ONIT plays an integral role in our communities through promoting small businesses and organizations. Our team stays ONIT in the community and highlights opportunities to help our local families and businesses be ONIT in their communities, too.

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We're here for you and the community.

We provide a strong culture, for our customers, our employees, and our community. At ONIT, we are passionate about enriching families lives and businesses every single day. It is our goal to take care of everyone, while providing great home service solutions and excellent customer service.

We're here to provide solutions to families, businesses and communities. We're a one-stop shop to ensure that everyone and everything is taken care of. Through insurance, energy, security, tv, internet, utilities, and water filtration, we're here to provide the best solutions for your everyday needs that also protect your family and preserve your assets. We recognize that families and businesses are constantly evolving, and we will continue to offer more services to enhance your home and everyday life.

Our team is our family. We focus on having fun, creating a great balance, and being ONIT. We love creating a home space solution to fit every home. Whether you're part of our family or our community, ONIT focuses on creating the best quality of life possible.

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How To Be ONIT

ONIT Home is looking for dedicated leaders who are passionate about helping families and businesses create a space they'll love. If this sounds like you, then it's time you learn more about how you can join our team.

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