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Enjoy a Water Filtration System for as little as $15/mo! Equipment and Installation Included.local_phoneCall now: 1-800-610-2145

Enjoy a Water Filtration System for as little as $15/mo! Equipment and Installation Included.

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About Us

We're ONIT

Our name embodies the very idea of who and what we are. Simplifying and demystifying home services. We take action, providing products and technology in the way our customers want it. But most importantly, we are a honest and trusted source when they need it.

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Our Story

The ONIT Home story began in 2010 with owner and CEO Curtis Kindred moving to Texas. From a small business in a garage to an office in DFW, there's always been one thing in mind: securing homes and business for people across America.

Before ONIT Home, Curtis Kindred had just finished his second tour in the Army. Following his tour, he moved out of Savannah, GA to the Bay Area, CA, and then to Arizona to start his career following his passion for golfing. While in Arizona, Kindred was offered an opportunity to begin selling home security packages door to door. He knocked on success' door, kickstarting an opportunity and creating a vision.

Kindred decided to put all of his energy into the home security industry. From door-to-door to managing teams, he focused on families and the community he was in. He followed the company from Arizona to Texas and opened up a new office. Following the recession in 2009, the company eventually went out of business. Instead of applying for new positions, he decided it was time for him to put his passion into his own project: American Defense Systems.

While ONIT Home began as American Defense Systems in 2010, Kindred found an ongoing trend in the home services spaces. He realized that he could further enrich families and businesses through providing more products and services. This vision became the ONIT Home foundation. These moves include adding new verticals to the security company: solar energy, water filtration, insurance, home concierge services, and roofing.

Through these different facets, the focus has always been on the customer. While our story continues to grow, we're excited to bring in our employees, partners, and customers, and our community on this journey with us.

As a Veteran-owned business, it's important to recognize those within the company who have given their time and service to our country.

  • Curtis Kindred, CEO

  • Caleb Kindred, Vice President of Operations

  • Chris Kindred, Senior Sales Representative

  • David Galbraith, Senior Vice President of Revenue

  • Marcos Valdez, Senior Vice President of Transformation

Our name is our mantra.
Whatever you need, we're ONIT.

Being ONIT means living up to the phrase "On It."" We do this through providing the best customer service, offering top products and exclusive deals to enrich families and help businesses thrive. We're not going to just tell you we're ONIT, we're going to show you every step of the way.

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We're Here For You and For the Community

Our mission is to stay ONIT with community outreach. We're dedicated to supporting small businesses and nonprofit organizations. We bring awareness through outreach, content features, and volunteer opportunities. Our pay it forward mentality drives the heart and integrity of our company. The ones we support become part of the ONIT Home family, and we're here to support them in every way possible.

At ONIT Home, we are passionate about enriching the lives of our customers every single day. We do this through our integrity and goals to take care of everyone. Whether we're taking care of a family through home service solutions, customer service, donating, or volunteering, we're leading with passion and integrity.

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How To Be ONIT

ONIT Home is looking for dedicated leaders who are passionate about helping families and businesses create a space they'll love. Sound like you? Then it's time you learn more about how you can join our team.

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