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Hail Damage: What You Should Know About Your Insurance

After a storm, you could be left with hail damage to your car or home. Here's how to find out whether or not your home and auto insurance cover any hail damage.

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Dropping Hints: Get Her a Ring…Doorbell Camera for Valentines Day

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of security! Nothing says "I love you" like safety. Read about the different Ring doorbell options to give your loved ones this Valentine's Day.

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A white Qolsys IQ2 Panel installed in a family’s living area.

How To Make A Smart Home: 6 Easy Steps For Transforming Your Home

Having a smart home is a fun way to integrate new technology into your household. Learn the six easy steps on how to make a smart home, starting today.

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an alexa on a shelf next to a plant

Alexa Routines: How To Utilize Smart Home Scheduling In Your Daily Life

Having an Alexa routine helps you stay hands and device free, while consuming information or having daily routines set in place. Whether you're using it for an alarm clock, a bedtime story, or making sure your doors are locked, the Alexa routines will help improve productivity.

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kid in pool with blue goggles

Outdoor Home Security to Install Before Summertime Begins

Before summer hits, make sure your outdoors have home security equipment. Keep unwanted visitors away and have an extra eye on your kids in the backyard with these easy steps.

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How to Avoid Hassle of a Rolling Blackout with Solar Energy 

Following the winter storm, Texans were left without electricity when the state was most vulnerable. Instead of relying on non-renewable energy resources, see how installing solar panels with a backup battery or generator will keep your home powered.

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Understanding South Carolina Solar Panels: Should You Buy or Rent?

Having solar power in South Carolina is achievable through both buying and renting. Find out which option is better suited for you and your home.

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How to Reduce Energy Bills at Home During Summer

With warmer temperatures comes higher energy bills. Learn how you can reduce your energy bills at home before the warm months begin.

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“How My Startup Uses AI to Reimagine Water Utilities” on Google: ONIT’s Reaction

Google recently highlighted Varuna, a start-up transforming the way we think about water distribution utilities. As a company also dedicated to ensuring there's safe drinking water for our communities, we're inspired by the actions of Varuna and the new technology they’ve presented. Here are our takeaways.

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Water boiling in a small pan. Shot from up and in slow motion

Boil Water Notice Ending? Here’s What to Do Next. 

After the water boil notice has expired, you'll need to take these necessary steps to ensure that your water is safe for you and your family.

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hand holding glass of water

Hurst, Texas: Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

Hurst, Texas: Do you know what's in your water? Between local contaminants and the pipes in your home, you could be unknowingly drinking hundreds of contaminants.

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downtown grapevine texas building

Grapevine Water: Does this Dallas Suburb Have Clean Water?

Grapevine water quality standards are below what the Environmental Working Group suggests. What chemicals are found in the water, and how can this be fixed?

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How to Donate to Texas Organizations Following the Winter Storm Disaster

Following the winter storm, many are left wondering how they can help donate to Texans in need. To find organizations to donate and volunteer with, follow our growing list of places that need your help.

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Does My Home Insurance Policy Include Weather-Related Damage?

When a terrible storm hits, one of the first things you'll wonder is "does my home insurance policy include weather-related damage?" Read to discover what to include in your policy for year-round coverage, as well as how to prepare for a claims adjuster for maximum coverage.

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ONIT’s Dedication to Supporting Dallas Small Businesses

Helping our local Dallas small businesses is crucial to our community. These shops are the backbone of our city and provide us with a familial environment. Each month, ONIT is pledging donations to different communities through our social media channels. Follow along to learn more about each business and how you can make an impact.

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