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Ercot Rolling Blackouts This Summer: What You Should Know

With more strain on the grid than past summers, ERCOT is warning Texans of potentially having rolling blackouts this summer to prevent catastrophic damage to the grid. Is now the time for homeowners to switch to solar? Explore your next options.

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Controlling Your Home From Smartphone Apps: Ideas and Integrations

Having the ability to check on your home through your phone is key to having a secured household. Find out the different ways you can integrate your phone with your security equipment today.

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two doors, one blue and one yellow that lead to homes

Smart Solutions to Protect Your Home and Family in 2021

Looking for new security solutions to protect your home this year? Read this blog to learn more about different options you can take to secure your household.

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A professional home security system's smart door lock is installed on a white door.

Are Smart Locks Safe For My Home: A Pros and Cons Guide

Are smart locks safe for my home? Find out all you need to know about the electronic locking system. We break down the pros and cons of smart locks and compare the system with traditional lock and key systems.

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front porch doormat with pink front door

Smart Home Front Door Accessories: What You Need to Buy 

Having smart home security starts right at your front door. Find out the best options to place at the front of your home!

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Understanding the Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Having solar energy is a great sustainable change, giving you and your family clean energy. Find out how making the change to renewable energy can make an impact on the environment.

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Solar Permits: What Are They and Do I Need One To Go Solar?

Solar permits are a requirement if you're planning to install solar panels on your home or business. But what are they and why do you need one? Read for answers.

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Solar Power Battery Backup vs Generator: Which Is Better?

When a power outage strikes, which is better to use? A solar power battery backup or a generator? We review which is most effective.

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What’s Inside a Water Test Kit And How Do I Use It?

One of the first steps to enjoying cleaner water at home is to test your H2O using a water test kit. We review common DIY water test kits, what's inside, and what they most commonly test for.

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glass water bottle in the sand

Why It’s Safer To Use a Glass Water Bottle Over a Plastic Bottle

Having a glass water bottle is actually the safest option in the world of reusable bottles. They keep you safe from chemicals and are perfectly dishwasher safe. Find out different brands and why you should get your hands on a glass water bottle today.

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a woman rolling up a blue yoga mat with purple weights and a water bottle

The Best Post Workout Drink to Hydrate and Fuel Your Body

After finishing a tough workout, don't grab a sugary sports drink! Instead, find a better and healthier way to fuel and energize your body. Here are our top choices for a post workout drink to try today.

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A young man standing on a track drinks water from a reusable bottle.

Gatorade vs Water: Which is Better At Quenching Thirst?

Is Gatorade better at quenching your thirst and keeping you hydrated, or is water the better option? We review Gatorade vs water to help you decide.

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Do You Need Insurance To Rent A Car: Things To Know When Traveling

Do you need insurance to rent a car? Here's what you can expect from a rental agency and how you can build a safety net for your rental when out on the road.

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How to Get Pre Approved For a Mortgage: A Step by Step Guide

Being pre approved for your mortgage is a great way to show sellers that your offer is strong, competitive, and won't fall through. But how do you get pre approved? Understand what a mortgage is and the documentation you'll need to be preapproved.

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Areal Flood, Flash Flood and River Flood Warning: What’s the Difference?

The Texas springtime showers have creeped into our sunny summer plans. Instead of pool days and swim suits, Texans have opted for movie days and rain coats. One notification that you might have seen on your weather app or news station is for floods. There’s three different forms of flooding: flash floods, areal floods and […]

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Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters: Which Should I Install?

Hurricane winds are forceful and destructive. One way to keep them from damaging your home is with hurricane shutters and impact windows. But which is better to install? We review impact windows vs hurricane shutters to help you decide.

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two kids in the window playing

Buying New Windows For Your Home: Why The Investment is Worth It

Buying new windows is an investment that is absolutely worth it. Find out all the different reasons that this investment pays off, and secures your home.

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