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Alexa Routines: How To Utilize Smart Home Scheduling In Your Daily Life

Having an Alexa routine helps you stay hands and device free, while consuming information or having daily routines set in place. Whether you're using it for an alarm clock, a bedtime story, or making sure your doors are locked, the Alexa routines will help improve productivity.

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Outdoor Home Security to Install Before Summertime Begins

Before summer hits, make sure your outdoors have home security equipment. Keep unwanted visitors away and have an extra eye on your kids in the backyard with these easy steps.

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family in front of christmas tree with window in the background

How to Prevent a Christmas Tree Fire: a Tips Guide

There are so many things to think of during the holidays. Don't let the fear of a Christmas tree fire ruin your home or your holiday spirit! Follow these easy tips to make sure your home stays safe.

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a smart phone and water sensor showing the status of pipes

How a Water Sensor or Freeze Sensor Can Prevent Frozen Pipes

Water sensors or freeze sensors are great tools that can give you insight to your home, whether or not you're there. Don't walk into a flood from pipes that burst open, know the status of your water through a smart home app.

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sidewalk view of a house during cold weather

How Cold Weather Affects Outdoor Security Camera System

Having an outdoor camera security system is a great way to deter criminals. However, each camera has an operating temperature that must be followed. Make sure that your camera is safe for usage during the winter months.

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Understanding the QCell Residential Solar Panels: A Guide

QCell is one of the best selling solar panels in the United States, and for a reason! Learn more about the company, their patented nano coating, and how it can benefit your household.

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How to Reduce Energy Consumption While Working From Home

With our lives being at home more than ever, our energy consumption is higher than ever. Learn how you can make small adjustments to reduce your energy consumption, starting today.

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The Tesla Solar Powerwall: Best Battery Backups for Your Solar Panels

The Tesla Solar Powerwall allows you to store excess energy in the battery. This way, if there's a power outage, your home will run on the stored electricity and not deal with blackouts.

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Hurst, Texas: Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

Hurst, Texas: Do you know what's in your water? Between local contaminants and the pipes in your home, you could be unknowingly drinking hundreds of contaminants.

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downtown grapevine texas building

Grapevine Water: Does this Dallas Suburb Have Clean Water?

Grapevine water quality standards are below what the Environmental Working Group suggests. What chemicals are found in the water, and how can this be fixed?

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truck driving through flooded key west street

How Does Climate Change Affect Water Quality: Hurricanes

Climate change is affecting our weather patterns: catastrophic hurricanes are more frequent, and storms are more severe. How do these events affect our water quality?

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large tractor farming

Understanding the Importance of Water Quality for Agriculture

An increase in agriculture means a decrease in water quality. Learn how our high demands on our agriculture and leading to lowered quality in our fresh water systems.

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Home Insurance Companies: What to Know When Shopping for Coverage

When you're looking around for new home insurance, you could be tempted to go with the cheapest or the first option. Don't do this! Instead, go into your home insurance buying process with confidence and follow steps to make sure you have everything covered.

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Compare Auto Insurance: 2021 Insurance Companies At A Glance

If you're looking to switch your auto insurance in 2021, make sure to compare auto insurance companies to find which will protect you and your family best.

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2021 Preview: Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA

Switching to a new insurance can be a hard task, but ONIT is here to make it easier! Here's our top 10 list for the best auto insurance companies to sign with in 2021.

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