Ultraviolet Light Water Filtration system

Improve Your Home's Water with a UV Water Treatment System

Give your family access to the cleanest water possible with an Ultraviolet (UV) Light Water Filtration system from ONIT Home. It is the most effective method for disinfecting water — removing dangerous microorganisms like viruses and bacteria — from your home water supply.

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How UV Light Water Purification Works

UV water purification is the most effective method to disinfect your water from viruses and water-borne bacteria. The UV rays penetrate the harmful pathogens and microorganisms in our water. It does this by attacking the DNA and destroying it from the core. From there, it eliminates the possibility of the bacteria or virus from reproducing.

The best part? It does this all through simple and environmentally safe practices. There are no chemicals added, and your water tastes exactly how it should.

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Elevate Your Health and Lifestyle with a UV Light Water Purifier

We work hard to take care of our bodies through eating right and exercising, have you thought about how your water could be affecting you too? Having filtered water keeps you safe from chemicals and contaminants found in our city water.

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Destroys Up To 99.99% of Microorganisms

You're investing in a home filtration system, so why not find one that effectively eliminates viruses and bacteria?


Low Maintenance Experience

This system has an audible lamp replacement reminder and comes equipped with a countdown timer on a digital display. In the event that the lamp fails, a controller will automatically alarm the system to let you know immediately.


Energy and Space Efficient

This unit takes up less space, but don’t let its size fool you. This machine is equipped with a high UV output lamp. UV Water treatment solutions are also energy efficient and don’t waste any water.


Stable and Reliabile

The constant current of electricity allows a stable UV lamp output. Even if your electricity fluctuates, your system stays reliable.


No Lag Time

Long gone are the days of waiting for your water pitcher to filter. The UV water treatment system works fast to give instant clean water to your entire household.



A UV filter kills microorganisms without adding any harsh disinfectants like chlorine.


Safer Water During Boil Water Advisories

While we don't recommend ignoring your city's guidelines, you can rest easy knowing that water treated with UV kills pathogens in your water supply, making it safer to use in your home during a boil water notice.

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What the UV Light Destroys in Your Home Water System

These systems are effective for residential point of entry use, disinfecting the water accessible in your home. The UV light for water destroys viruses and bacteria that can cause disease.




The Flu


Typhoid Fever


E. Coli



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Professional Installation, The ONIT Home Promise

At ONIT Home, we’re focused on delivering clean and whole-home filtration solutions to families. We know how important it is to have untapped benefits on day one, so we’re here to work with you and ensure your system is professionally installed. We proudly serve residential homes, businesses and corporations nationwide. Uncover what's in your tap water. Schedule your free water test today!

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Extended Water Maintenance Plan Protects Your System Year-Round

Our water filtration systems are top-of-the-line and built to provide you and your family with clean and delicious water for many years, but at ONIT Home, we're always looking for ways to go above and beyond. That's why we offer additional coverage from our Water Maintenance Plan on all filtration systems. Our maintenance plan is here to protect your investment and make sure your system is always working the way it should be. Add this extended coverage to your system for only $29.99/mo.

  • Makes owning your system hands-off and hassle-free
  • Guarantees coverage for wear and tear damage
  • Includes all labor charges and replacement parts
  • Covers two service calls per year

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As an ONIT Home customer, we give you more options to save when it comes to home services such as solar, water filtration, and home security - providing the most competitive pricing and financing under one roof. And when you bundle them together through us, you save even more!

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