Water Softener

Protect Your Plumbing, Hair, and Skin with a Water Softener System

  • Reduce wear and tear on your plumbing and appliances
  • Avoid health risks — remove hardness from your bath water
  • Prevent water stains from growing on dishes and glass surfaces
pouring water at sink
hard water mineral build-up on showerhead

Use Cleaner, Gentler Water With a Water Softener for Home

Hard water is a headache for many homeowners. It’s rough on our skin, dries out our hair, and interferes with our appliance’s performance, leading to costly repairs. Water becomes hard when there's a high level of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals in our water supply. Installing a water softening system at home removes these minerals from your tap. In return, you and your family can enjoy soft and clean water throughout your home.

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Signs You Have Hard Water at Home

hardwater stains on faucets

Buildup Around Faucets

Excessive calcium in water causes white, brittle buildup around your faucets and soap curds in your showers.

glasses with hardwater spots

Residue Stains on Dishes and Glass

Chalky residue left on dishes and silverware, no matter how often you wash them, is likely from hard water.

putting clothes in washing machine

Stiff, Fading Clothes

Do your clothes look faded or feel stiff? Soil accumulation from hard water minerals is the culprit.

young woman with frizzy hair

Dry Skin and Hair

Hard water minerals leave behind a thin coat on our skin and hair follicles, making it tough to lock in moisture. The buildup can also make our hair strands frizzy.

See If There’s Hard Water in Your Area

U.S. map of hardwater levels

Concentration of hardness as calcuim carbonate, in milligrams per liter.*

0 – 60 mg/l
61 – 120 mg/l
121 – 180 mg/l
181 – 250 mg/l

*Source: Map of water hardness in the United States. U.S. Department of the Interior

How Our Water Softeners Work

Our Guard Series works in five stages to powerfully eliminate hard water minerals from your water at home. From small homes to large properties, the Guard Series is tough enough to remove even the peskiest minerals.

Stage 1: Fill/Dissolve

Water is directed down the media bed and through the distributor tube at a controlled rate, so the treated water entering the brine tank creates brine for the next regeneration.

Stage 2: Regenerate (Upflow)

The control valve directs water through the brine injector, drawing brine from the regenerant tank. The brine moves down the distributor tube, through the resin bed, and up to the drain. Water softening sodium ions displace hard water causing ions, sending them to the drain.

Stage 3: Backwash (Upflow)

The flow of water is directed down the distributor tube and up through the resin bed. During the backwash cycle, the resin bed expands, and debris is flushed to the drain.

Stage 4: Rinse (Downflow)

The control valve directs water through the resin bed, up the distributor tube, and to the drain. Any remaining brine residual is rinsed from the resin bed.

Stage 5: Service (Downflow)

Untreated water moves through the resin bed and up through the distributor tube. The hardness ions attach to the resin and are removed from the water. The water is refined as it passes through the resin bed.

water softener tank

Benefits of a Water Softener + Whole Home Filter System

Protect Plumbing and Appliances

Add to your plumbing and appliance’s lifespan while preventing potentially expensive repair and replacement costs from happening.

Remove Contaminants

Enjoy clean and fresh-tasting water throughout your entire home.

Prevent Hard Water Stains

Say goodbye to chalky and unattractive water stains on dishes and glasses.

Softer Hair and Cleaner Skin

Cleanse your skin and hair with soft water that moisturizes and helps with eczema, psoriasis, and other conditions.

Reduce Soap Scum

Stop scrubbing away at thick soap residue left over from hard water minerals.

Brighter Clothes

Maintain the appearance and softness of your clothing.

Add Water Softening to Your Whole Home Water Filtration Experience

Add to the efficiency of your water softening system with whole home water filtration. Whole home water filtration doesn’t just remove hard water minerals from the tap. It works to make sure the most common contaminants are removed from every faucet. We’ll help you customize your system so that it works to filter what you need.

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