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Finding a professional can be hard. We’re here for you.

We help you find affordable and customized solutions for utilities, security, insurance, and more. Whether you’re moving into a new home, starting a business, or looking to save money, we can help. We work with the top brands and the best licensed professionals in the industry to make sure you’re getting the right solution at the right price.

As an ONIT customer, you can count on us to do all the shopping around, waiting on hold, and calling service providers. If you need something for your home or business, give us a call. We’re ONIT!

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One-Stop Shop

No need to call up an assortment of companies to handle your range of projects! We’re trained and ready to help you with whatever services your home or business needs.

Exclusive Deals and Perks

When you work with ONIT, you have access to complimentary services and savings that take the stress out of managing a residential or commercial project.

Flexible Financing

We know each of our customers are different and not every budget is the same. So our services offer financing options that make creating the space of your dreams a reality.

Customized for Your Needs

Pick and choose exactly what you want for your home or business with our customizable selection.

Trusted Partners

Providing the best for our customers is one of our founding principles. This extends to the partners we utilize to get the job done not just the right way, but the best way.

The ONIT Promise

We’re here to help families and businesses conquer projects big and small with trusted solutions and products.

Being ONIT is more than just our name. It’s our promise to you.
Just ask our customers.

Amal Kadri

“When I called ONIT Water I was genuinely amazed at how helpful they were. Even though it became clear within minutes of the call that I was asking about a service they didn't even provide, Brad stayed on the phone with me for another 30 minutes just to help me find my own solution. He didn't try to sell me anything; he was just kind, transparent, and extremely helpful through and through. I don't think I've ever written a review for a company before, but they definitely earned my future business should I ever need their services. ONIT just REALLY want's everyone to have clean water, full stop.”

January 25th 2021
published on
Shileya Witcher

“Brock was my rep he was very knowledgeable and professional. The info he shared was so educational And I’m so happy I made the investment to get the water conditioning system installed. I love the results and the pure and gentle cleaning products as well. Totally a good investment!”

December 3rd 2020
published on
Lakica Jones

“Our home inspection company offered us a free water test and since we were new to the area we thought it would be a great idea just to see the results. Brock was our representative and he was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and personable! It was an exciting experience almost like a science experiment but it was also scary to hear that there are acceptable levels of toxic chemicals allowed to be in the water we use everyday! It was a no brainer for us to invest in the water filtration system and we love!!! It has saved us so much money and it has done wonders for our skin and hair! I would highly recommend you setting up an appointment to allow Brock to come perform a water test at your home! You would be surprised!”

November 18th 2020
published on
Mel J

“It was a pleasure working with Dylan who installed the system and did a fantastic job, by the way! I am very pleased with the service. Dylan was very knowledgeable and informative. He answered all of my questions. He was very professional, friendly and quick. I love the set up that I have. I feel much more secure with the Brinks brand behind me. Onit smarthome system is wonderful and I highly recommend going with their products and services.”

October 17th 2020
published on
Sarah A

“The new water system has made my hair and skin softer and healthier! I use less product and I am saving money. A great company and product.”

September 4th 2020
published on
Joshua Johnsen

“Brock was very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. Bought the system the day of our appointment and looking forward to our new soft water!!! Thanks Brock!”

August 14th 2020
published on
Enrrique Ibarra

“Completely satisfied! The technician was on time, very responsive to text and email, and professional. The technician not only walked us through the system, but gave us tips, tricks, and his advice as he owns his own. We’ve had the system for about a month now and have no complaints!”

July 27th 2020
published on
Tredant Anderson

“Sale staff was great they made the system affordable . Joe our installation technician was informative and professional. He wore his mask and removed his shoes when entering our home. He made sure we understood how to work the system before he left.”

July 27th 2020
published on
house with security system

Smart Security Systems and Automation

Secure your home or business exactly how you want it with our customizable smart security systems. We protect your home, family, or business with professional alarm and smart home technology that’s monitored 24/7 for around-the-clock security. Take advantage of our flexible financing options to build a system that’s right for your budget.

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House with solar panels

Solar Power Systems and Energy Solutions

Reduce your electricity bill and carbon footprint with solar power systems from ONIT. We’ll work with you to make sure your solar grid is running on sustainable energy and eliminating your electricity fees. Ask us how switching to solar can increase your home’s property by 4.1%.

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House with water filtration system

Water Filtration and Treatment Systems

A free water test from ONIT can help you identify and eliminate 99.8% of the harmful contaminants floating in your water. A water filtration system will also keep you from wasting money on bottled water and cleaning products. Not to mention, a filtration system will leave every drop tasting delicious!

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house with couple considering home insurance

Home and Auto Insurance

We know it’s tough finding the right home and auto insurance policy in today’s crowded market. That’s why we’re here to do the work for you. Our team of licensed brokers simplifies the shopping process for you by tracking the best coverage and deals, saving you valuable time.

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neighborhood of houses with security, solar panels, water filtration system, and considering home insurance neighborhood of houses with security, solar panels, water filtration system, and considering home insurance

Bundle your home services and save big!

As an ONIT customer, we give you more options to save when it comes to home services such as solar, water filtration, and home security - providing the most competitive pricing and financing under one roof. And when you bundle them together through us, you save even more!

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If you are considering multiple home services, or already have services like home security, talk to us about bundling to potentially lower your monthly bills and save hundreds.

Call today to learn more about bundling your home services.

We're here for you.

We offer a variety of different home solutions across the United States and continue to grow our service areas. Click the buttons below to see where we currently offer services.



Smart Security

Solar Energy

Water Filtration

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