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Do You Need Insurance To Rent A Car: Things To Know When Traveling

Do you need insurance to rent a car? Here's what you can expect from a rental agency and how you can build a safety net for your rental when out on the road.

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How to Get Pre Approved For a Mortgage: A Step by Step Guide

Being pre approved for your mortgage is a great way to show sellers that your offer is strong, competitive, and won't fall through. But how do you get pre approved? Understand what a mortgage is and the documentation you'll need to be preapproved.

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Areal Flood, Flash Flood and River Flood Warning: What’s the Difference?

The Texas springtime showers have creeped into our sunny summer plans. Instead of pool days and swim suits, Texans have opted for movie days and rain coats. One notification that you might have seen on your weather app or news station is for floods. There’s three different forms of flooding: flash floods, areal floods and […]

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What Is A Mortgage? Breaking Down the Loan Types and More

Finding a new home is stressful, but trying to figure out a mortgage shouldn't be! Follow this guide to learn about what a mortgage is, the different options, and how you can qualify.

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How Does Insurance Work at ONIT Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Having insurance shouldn't be complicated. That's where ONIT comes in! We are here every step of the way to find you the best insurance policy options. Find out what we offer in this article.

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Lightning striking down near a field of grass.

Lightning Damage: What Will Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Lightning strikes are dangerous and can bring damage to our homes. Here's how homeowners insurance can help you handle the aftermath of lightning damage.

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a car after it's been in an accident that has been totaled

Understanding What Happens If You Total a Leased Car & Other Scenarios 

What happens if you total a leased car? The answer might surprise you. Find out more information on leasing versus buying and information on insurance.

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house with a for sale sign in front yard

New Home Checklist: Advice and Tips for an Easy Transition

Having a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Before you even get your new keys, read our guide for advice on how to make this move the easiest transition possible.

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Preparing for Severe Weather: What Your Family Should Know

Having home insurance means you're protected against severe storms. But, do you know how to prepare your family for severe weather? Learn these tips and tricks to make sure your family has an emergency kit and a plan.

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What Is a Flash Flood: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Knowing what is a flash flood and how to stay safe is critical for navigating the storm. Read our guide for answers and tips on all things flash flood.

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Do You Need Boat Insurance: An Explanation Guide

Owning a boat provides many opportunities for fun adventures. But do you need boat insurance? We answer why insurance is essential and review different coverage options that will make boating smoother.

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What To Do In a Tornado: A Guide to Safe Living in Tornado Alley

Living in tornado alley means frequent warning and watches through springtime. But what should you do in the event of a tornado? Learn how these vicious storms form and the best area of protection no matter where you are.

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First Time Homebuyer Guide to Success: Mortgages, Insurance, & More

Being a first time homebuyer comes with stress, questions, and a lot of unknowns. Here is our guide to helping you through the homebuying process so you can get moved in as soon as possible.

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