Fridge Water Filter: Do They Even Filter My Water?

A fridge water filter may seem like a frivolous purchase, but if you’re worried about the quality of your water, it’s worth considering. However, it will depend on the contaminants you want to filter. The demand for filters has been increasing daily. The demand for filters has been increasing daily. According to statistics, in the year 2022, […]

Why Is Iron in Well Water? Is It Safe for Homeowners?

Many homeowners who don’t live within the city limits have to be aware of what’s in the well water used as the family water supply. Iron in well water is a fairly common occurrence, with two distinct types of iron possibly appearing in your water supply. Ferric iron will impart a reddish color to your water, since […]

Is Fracking Safe for Drinking Water?

Fracking has been an issue of intense debate in recent years. Critics say it can cause earthquakes, pollute water supplies, and release harmful chemicals into the air. On the other hand, supporters of fracking say that it is safe and clean and has the potential to provide energy independence for countries. So, what’s the truth? Is […]

What Does Fracking Mean and Why Is It Controversial?

Fracking has become a controversial topic in recent years. Opponents of fracking argue that the process can contaminate groundwater, pollute the air, and cause earthquakes. Proponents of hydrofracking argue that the process is safe and has the potential to provide affordable energy. But what does fracking mean? Why is it controversial? Fracking is drilling down into the […]

Is Sulfur in Well Water a Common Issue?

Well water is water that is stored in the ground beneath the surface. It can be accessed by creating a structure that is semi-permanent and can receive and store this natural groundwater. By including a pump with the well you build, this groundwater can be pumped to the surface and directed into the home for […]

What Are Forever Chemicals and How Does It Affect Me?

The exposure, widespread occurrence, and extreme persistence of “forever chemicals” is becoming nighttime. Research shows that 97% of Americans have these chemicals in their blood. So, what are forever chemicals, and should you be concerned about them? Read on to find out. This article looks closely at forever chemicals—what they are and where they come from. We […]

Home Water FAQS: What Does Sulfur Smell In Water Mean?

Almost everyone has experienced the sulfur smell in water at some point and found it to be a really repugnant smell reminiscent of rotten eggs. It’s never a good sign when you encounter this undesirable smell in your water. However, it’s almost always attributable to having an excessive amount of sulfur somewhere in your water. […]