Copper in Water: The Signs You Should Look For

Copper is a naturally occurring mineral in our environment. It exists in rocks and soil. Copper is found at low levels in natural water bodies. The metallic element is widely used in wiring, jewelry, electrical equipment, and plumbing systems. It’s an essential trace element for your health since it supports several body functions, including the […]

Trihalomethanes in Water: Understanding This Contaminant

How safe is the water you drink or touch? Most individuals, especially the ones drinking tap water, do not know what could be lurking in the water. Contrary to popular opinion, tap water is not necessarily ready to consume the substance. Trihalomethanes in water are one of the severe contaminants which could cause mild to adverse health […]

Nitrite in Water and the Effects It Has

The nitrification process in the nitrogen cycle can lead to high levels of nitrites in the soil, which leach into the aquatic system. This can cause nitrite concentration in water to increase to unsafe levels for humans and animals when consumed. If you’re worried about nitrite in water and its effects, this article is for you. What […]

Nitrates in Water Test Results: What Does This Mean?

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? If you don’t, you’re not alone! Most Americans don’t know what’s in their water. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 3 Americans lacks access to clean drinking water. Nitrate is one thing that may be in your water. Nitrates in water can be found in the […]

Mercury in Water Supply: How It Gets There and the Effect

Do you know what could be lurking in your water? Most people, especially those who get their water from public treatment systems, assume it’s safe to drink. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The EPA has set standards for more than 90 contaminants in water, which could lead to adverse health effects. Although rare, mercury in water is among […]

Does Ammonia In Water Affect My Health and Home?

Are you worried about ammonia in the water? When ammonia is naturally occurring, its levels in water are low. High ammonia levels may be present in tap water due to human activities such as farming. It is also a key ingredient in many industrial products, fertilizers, and cleaning products. So, does ammonia in water affect my […]

Is Copper in Water Bad For You? What Causes It?

Are you worried about copper contamination in your water? Is copper in water bad for you? In a nutshell, copper is not bad for you if it’s within the recommended limits. The natural amount of copper in water is not usually enough to cause harm. However, it can sometimes be a problem if the water is […]

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove PFAS? An Answer To Clean Water

There has been an increase in products containing PFAS in recent years. PFAS exposure leads to serious health effects. Unfortunately, these chemicals have found their way into drinking water. People are looking for an effective way to remove the chemicals from their water to make it safe. So, does reverse osmosis remove PFAS? Yes. Reverse osmosis […]

What Causes Arsenic in Well Water? Find Out Today!

As a well owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain the quality of your well water. The best and most important thing is to test your water for contaminants. One common problem you may encounter is arsenic in well water. In a national study of groundwater quality by the USGS, nearly half of the wells tested had arsenic levels of […]

My Water Tastes Like Metal, What Gives? Find Out Why.

Hearing your water tastes like metal? It can be cause for alarm, as some causes may indicate containments that can lead to health issues, though others may be harmless. Learning about the causes, containments, and treatments for metallic water taste can help you address the issue appropriately. What Causes Metallic Water Taste? There are a few […]