How to Interpret Water Test Results Done On My Home

Good water quality is essential for every household, and it’s a right of every human. Clean water promotes good health since the water is free from contaminants. Whether you’re using water from a community system or your well, it’s necessary to test and know how to interpret water test results. This helps ensure your water is […]

What Should You Look For In Water Test Results?

Every homeowner should consider regular testing of the household water supply. Those on a city water supply benefit from pre-treated water. They also have access to an annual water test. But, the EPA standards are decades out of date and no city can afford to remove all contaminants. To get the most out of your water […]

How to Test Water Quality At Home

Testing your water can help you understand what is in your tap water and any contaminants you could be exposed to. You can test you water quality at home through professional help or a DIY test. Learn which option is best for you.

What To Expect With ONIT Free Tap Water Testing

Taking advantage of free tap water testing is an incredible way to learn about what’s in your water and how you can make it as healthy as possible. With a water test, finding out what’s in your water has never been easier, and we’re ready to help you have the healthiest H2O possible.