How Many Smoke Detectors Do I Need In My Home?

The modern lifestyle is one of the many causes of fire spreading faster in homes than in the past. That’s why smoke alarms are essential to any home fire safety plan. These devices can help prevent injuries, save lives, and reduce property damage. But you may ask, “How many smoke detectors do I need in my […]

The Best Non Toxic Cookware To Buy For Your Home

This review can serve as a shopping guide when you decide to head to your local department store and investigate the purchase of some of the best non toxic cookware. Most homemakers put this task off indefinitely because it breaks up the kitchen routine considerably. Most people do not discard old cookware and buy new […]

How to Prepare for Power Outage During Hurricane Season

Are you in the middle of hurricane season? Depending on where you live, severe weather like hurricanes can wreak havoc and cause problems regularly. The best thing that you can do is to be ready for the worst. It can pay to know how to prepare for power outage — before the electricity goes out! Hurricane Watch […]

How to Spot Frozen Pipes with a Water Leak Detector

Plumbing is a subtle yet crucial installation that makes the functioning of a house flawless. The easiest to spot plumbing components when you enter a house are faucets. However, there is an intricate plumbing system underneath that delivers water to the taps and takes it away into the draining system. This system has to be well […]

Why Is My Smoke Detector Chirping? Causes and How to Fix

It’s frustrating when your smoke detector starts chirping for no apparent reason. Once you dismiss the possibility of smoke or carbon monoxide, there is a multitude of other potential factors to figure out. So what’s making your smoke detector chirp and how do you make it stop? Types of Smoke Detectors There are two types […]