How Often to Change Refrigerator Water Filter: What To Know

Having crisp, clean, cold water pouring over easily dispensed ice is convenient. It’s vital to understand how to maintain your fridge water filtration to ensure your water remains safe. Learn how often to change refrigerator water filter. Plus, learn the basics of water filtration and how to reduce the stress of maintaining clean on-demand water. […]

Fridge Water Filter: Do They Even Filter My Water?

A fridge water filter may seem like a frivolous purchase, but if you’re worried about the quality of your water, it’s worth considering. However, it will depend on the contaminants you want to filter. The demand for filters has been increasing daily. The demand for filters has been increasing daily. According to statistics, in the year 2022, […]

Fact or Fiction: Do You Recycle Water Filters

There are many good reasons to use water filters. For example, water filtration improves the taste and smell of water. A good filtration system removes contaminants to ensure healthy water. Plus, if you swap water filtration for one-use water bottles, you are making a green choice. Plastic pollution is a growing problem. Humans create over 300 million […]

What’s the Average Reverse Osmosis System Cost?

Clean water is a necessity in every household, restaurant, and office building. The truth is, most people trust their piped water without realizing what’s actually in it. However, for those who want to enhance the purity and taste of their water while saving money at the same time, having a reverse osmosis water filtration system […]

The Top Shower Head Filter for Homes That Have Well Water

If you’re someone who has well water in your home, you may consider installing a shower head filter. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 15 million households in the US use drinking water from private wells. Unfortunately, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations for public drinking water systems do […]

The Cost and Health Benefits of Filtering Tap Water

The human body consists of approximately 60% water. This percentage varies from person to person according to age, gender, and location. Regardless, the water we carry is constantly shed and needs replacement to stay alive. Some foods we eat contain water, but living beings require water to survive. Without it, our bodies develop various problems […]

How Do Water Filters Work: Inside the Filtration Process

If you have a private water supply or want better quality water, it’s a good idea to buy a water filter. There are many options to choose from. But, how do water filters work? Considering how water filters work is an important aspect of the purchasing process. Water filters block or trap the contaminants you […]