Entryway Ideas for a Safe and Secure Home

The modern home can sometimes be unsafe, with burglaries occurring every 30 seconds and accounting for about 16 percent of all property crimes. These numbers translate to 3,000 incidents in a day. FBI statistics also indicate that most burglaries occur through forcible entries. However, there are also many reported unlawful entries and attempted forcible entries. Criminals can kick […]

How to Spot Frozen Pipes with a Water Leak Detector

Plumbing is a subtle yet crucial installation that makes the functioning of a house flawless. The easiest to spot plumbing components when you enter a house are faucets. However, there is an intricate plumbing system underneath that delivers water to the taps and takes it away into the draining system. This system has to be well […]

Everything You Should Know About a Cellular Security Camera

Cellular security cameras meet several challenges in creating robust security. Some areas are not a good match for either wired or wireless security cameras. Outbuildings, large properties, RVs, boats, and similar situations create unique challenges for video. They are often too far from the home for wires or Wi-Fi to reach. Power may not be […]

Video Loss on Security Camera: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Video cameras in your security system help keep you safe. Sometimes their mere presence can deter crime, but to be truly effective, they need to be functioning. Video loss on security camera footage is a common issue for CCTV systems. Discovering video loss may occur when the live feed drops or goes fuzzy. Reviewing past footage, […]

Is Online Shopping Safe? What Consumers Need to Know.

There are many reasons to love online shopping, like the convenience and a wide selection of products. But is online shopping safe? Online shopping is an increasingly popular way of purchasing goods, but it’s not always secure. You only need to know how to shop wisely. Shopping online can make you a victim of data breaches, […]