What Are the Best Smart Light Bulbs For Alexa?

The best smart light bulbs for Alexa will be those that are compatible with this virtual assistant, and which are able to accept and manage the commands issued. In this article, we’ll review some of the very best smart light bulbs on the market. All of which will be Alexa-compatible. If you happen to be in […]

What to Do About Frozen Pipes: How to Prepare and Respond

Most homeowners agree that one of the worst things they dread during winter is frozen pipes. Unfortunately, this happens quite often, and it is a common home insurance claim during winter. If this misfortune happens to you, you will not have water in the house, and your pipes may burst. Knowing what to do about frozen pipes will […]

How to Stream Music on the IQ Panel 4

Are you looking for how to stream music on your Android or iOS device? The Qolsys IQ Panel 4 is an excellent security panel for many reasons. One of the best is its interactive interface for streaming music on all devices. This feature makes it easy to control what to hear while offering an easy way to […]

How to Spot Frozen Pipes with a Water Leak Detector

Plumbing is a subtle yet crucial installation that makes the functioning of a house flawless. The easiest to spot plumbing components when you enter a house are faucets. However, there is an intricate plumbing system underneath that delivers water to the taps and takes it away into the draining system. This system has to be well […]

Smart Home Lights: Top Tips on How to Integrate Them

Smart home lights bring the control of smart home technology to every room in your house. These innovative light bulbs can work with timers, smartphone apps, and specialized switches to bring new life into your home. You can use smart home lights to manage your energy consumption, change the mood of a room, and even […]

The Best Smart Home System Companies for 2022

In a 2017 study by the FBI, the US recorded 1,401,840 million burglaries, with 67.2% of these burglaries being residential burglaries. These burglaries recorded huge losses of up to $3.4 billion. This study shows that many homes have recorded losses due to a residential burglary in the last decade. However, most of these homeowners did not have […]

The Best Smart Home Hub For Your Automated Household

As a homeowner, you may be considering adding the best smart home hub to your smart home. But with the many options out there, it’s hard to find the perfect device for all your needs. In addition, smart homes are becoming more popular, and many people want their households automated.  According to statistics, the global market’s […]

The Top Smart Thermostat Options to Put in Your Home in 2022

Fluctuating temperatures across the country are driving up energy bills for many homeowners. As a result, many are seeking new ways to cut costs. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider investing in a smart thermostat. Investing in a smart thermostat can reduce energy consumption by 20-30%. At an annual savings of $180, you’ll see a return […]