How Often to Change Refrigerator Water Filter: What To Know

Having crisp, clean, cold water pouring over easily dispensed ice is convenient. It’s vital to understand how to maintain your fridge water filtration to ensure your water remains safe. Learn how often to change refrigerator water filter. Plus, learn the basics of water filtration and how to reduce the stress of maintaining clean on-demand water. […]

What is Potable Water and What Is It Used For?

According to statistics in 2020, 74% of the global population had access to a safely managed water system. This shows a 4% increase since 2015. So there has been some progress in increasing access to potable water, although it’s at a slow pace. But what is potable water, and what is it used for? Potable water is […]

Comparison: Aquasana Vs Culligan. Who Has Better Reviews?

Water is meant to be life, and it’s critical to keep it pure and healthy all the time. So, whether you are cooking, showering, or even drinking, it’s essential to use water without harsh chemicals. Therefore, choosing a cost-effective and reliable whole-house filter is necessary. In this definition, two of the biggest brands, Aquasana vs Culligan, […]

Is Potable Water Drinkable? Is It Safe to Consume?

When you think about it, drinking water shouldn’t be that hard. It’s one of the most common things we do every day and it doesn’t have to be that complicated. But in this world, even something as simple as drinking water can become a difficult process, especially in a natural disaster like a flood. So […]

Top Ways to Conserve Water Around the Home

There’s no question that water is one of the most essential elements supporting the existence of humans. Without it, there would be no life on earth at all. That’s why it makes good sense to find as many ways to conserve water, our life-giving, precious resource, as possible. This is especially true in light of the […]

What is Fracking Used For and How Does it Affect My Water?

Fracking has often been a controversial topic all around the globe. While you might wonder what is fracking used for and what its effects are, some are making billions by using the process. But, on the other hand, some are adamantly opposed to the process. Mining companies that reap millions of dollars from this lucrative business […]

How to Lower pH In Water: The Simple Solutions

There’s nothing like a refreshing drink of good old H2O we know as water. But did you know that water often needs testing for pH levels for use and drinking? If the pH levels are too high or too low, pipes will become corroded, and a person’s health will eventually fail. We will take a […]