Food Storage For Power Outages: What to Stock

When you find yourself having to feed your family during a power outage, having an adequate supply of food storage can literally save the day. The first thing food safety advisors will tell you is to try to avoid opening your refrigerator or freezer during a power outage. This will help your food stay as cold […]

What Are My Options For Solar Backup Power in an Outage?

Electricity has become an integral part of modern life. However, if you use electricity from the grid, you understand how unreliable it can be. That’s why having a backup plan is crucial. Many people see solar backup power as an excellent choice in an outage. According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), power interruptions for US customers […]

How to Keep Food Cold Without Electricity, A Tips Guide

In our current society, electricity is a basic need, as modern life revolves around electricity. From factories, digital devices, critical infrastructure and even vehicles are electrically powered, making power outages a challenging factor. However, long before electricity, our great-grandparents knew how to keep food cold without electricity. They knew what temperatures to preserve food at without […]

What To Do in a Power Outage: A Do’s and Don’ts Guide

Many events can be the cause of a power outage. Some events include hurricanes, windstorms, wildfires, and more. Even beyond extreme weather, any accident involving an electrical pole can leave the neighborhood and even a whole town without power. In 2020 alone, utility customers saw over 1.33 billion hours of a power outages. It is critical […]

Is There Insurance Coverage for Power Outage Losses?

A power outage could be especially troublesome when it lasts for more than a couple of hours. Your HVAC system will not work without power. And some items might perish. Fortunately, your homeowners policy might provide insurance coverage for power outage losses. A standard homeowners insurance policy usually protects against a variety of commonly occurring perils. […]

The Best Tips on How to Prepare for Long Term Power Outage

In 2017 alone, 36 million Americans experienced power outages due to natural and man-made disasters. However, people still underscore the importance of being prepared. When going about your day, you may never think of long-term preparation for power outages – then, Alas! A blackout? A candle might help if you remembered to keep one in your cabinet. […]

The Best Power Outage Survival Guide for Your Household

One of the most frustrating occurrences is a power outage. Whether it’s a rolling blackout or due to a natural disaster, they’re a huge pain. As any old saying goes, preparation is key. That’s why we put together the best power outage survival guide for your household to follow. Don’t delay, grab your notebook and […]