City of Sugarland Water: Houston Suburb Water Quality Check

Water is life! Without it, you cannot survive. However, contaminated water can also be fatal. Do you reside in Sugarland, Texas? Do you have any concerns regarding the quality of your drinking water? Worry no more! We’re here to help. The City of Sugarland water quality meets the federal standards set for drinking. But does […]

Taking a Microscopic Look at San Antonio Tap Water Quality

San Antonio is known for its diverse population and its Spanish heritage. It’s also known for its many popular tourist attractions, such as the Alamo and the River Walk. This city has the 7th largest population in the U.S. In recent years, San Antonio has also become known for its thriving tech industry. So, how […]

Houston Water Quality: Does This Major City Have Clean Water?

Houston is home to over seven million residents and has about 135000 businesses operating within a strong economy. Houston’s culture is diverse, and the quality of life is spectacular. From health care to information technology to aerospace to energy, the city has a solid infrastructure for thriving businesses and growing industries. Coupled with a skilled […]