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Reading Time: 6 minutes
When renting a home in a flood-prone area, it’s in character to worry about flood damage. It can be disheartening to lose your possessions to flood damage. You are likely seeking an insurance solution for this risk. Some people might have advised you to get renters insurance to protect your possessions from flood damage. Now, you are probably wondering
Reading Time: 6 minutes
Imagine this: you’re sitting at home, enjoying a peaceful night when a storm hits. You hear thunder, lightning, and suddenly a tree crashes to the ground. The next thing you know, the intense rain is leading to water damage in your home. Now what? You need to answer the question of: does homeowners insurance cover water damage? Sure, you
Reading Time: 7 minutes
The Texas springtime showers have creeped into our sunny summer plans. Instead of pool days and swim suits, Texans have opted for movie days and rain coats. One notification that you might have seen on your weather app or news station is for floods. There’s three different forms of flooding: flash floods, areal floods and river flood warning. What’s