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Understanding the QCell Residential Solar Panels: A Guide

QCell is one of the best selling solar panels in the United States, and for a reason! Learn more about the company, their patented nano coating, and how it can benefit your household.

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How to Reduce Energy Consumption While Working From Home

With our lives being at home more than ever, our energy consumption is higher than ever. Learn how you can make small adjustments to reduce your energy consumption, starting today.

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The Tesla Solar Powerwall: Best Battery Backups for Your Solar Panels

The Tesla Solar Powerwall allows you to store excess energy in the battery. This way, if there's a power outage, your home will run on the stored electricity and not deal with blackouts.

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InergyTek Battery Pack System Can Keep the Power On During an Outage

InergyTek's backup battery will help keep your home running and powered, even during a power outage. Learn more about the system, and why you should have one in your household.

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How the Generac Generator Works With Solar Energy During Outages

Make sure your excess solar energy is stored within a battery, rather than going to the grid. That way, if there's a power outage, you still have stored electricity to power your home.

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man standing in melted ice cap as a result of climate change

Stop Climate Change From Progressing With These Sustainability Tips

Understanding the negative effects of climate change can be scary! Instead of watching the world use depleting sources, learn four ways to integrate sustainability into your daily routine to stop climate change.

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President Jimmy Carter Solar Panels

The History of the Jimmy Carter Solar Panels Movement

When Jimmy Carter entered the West Wing, he made sure to prioritize renewable energy. During his presidency, Carter installed solar panels on top of the white house.

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solar panels with a blue sky and mountains in the background

Product Spotlight: the Sunrun Brightbox Home Battery

Having solar energy means that you've invested in a clean source of electricity. To make sure that your home with run regardless of a grid outage, you should buy a solar battery for your home, like the Sunrun Brightbox.

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Solar Panel Savings in DFW: How Much Can You Save?

Having solar panels in DFW can save you money in the long run. What are those savings like? Read here to learn more.

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How Do Solar Panels Generate Electricity: Energy Process Guide

If you've been wondering how do solar panels generate electricity and power your home's appliances, look no further. We've got the complete breakdown here.

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What is a Solar Power Plant, and What Does it Do?

Solar power plants generate enough energy to power hundreds of thousands of homes. But, how do they work, and at what cost?

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Solar Energy vs Conventional Energy: Which is Right For Me?

Trying to understand the key differences in the solar energy vs conventional energy debate? We identify the pros and cons of each to help you determine which is right for your home.

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What You Should Know About Solar Panel Insurance

Having solar panels is a great investment to your home. This is why it's covered by your home insurance! Make sure that your investment is covered through your homeowners insurance policy today.

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