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Ercot Rolling Blackouts This Summer: What You Should Know

With more strain on the grid than past summers, ERCOT is warning Texans of potentially having rolling blackouts this summer to prevent catastrophic damage to the grid. Is now the time for homeowners to switch to solar? Explore your next options.

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Understanding the Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

Having solar energy is a great sustainable change, giving you and your family clean energy. Find out how making the change to renewable energy can make an impact on the environment.

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Solar Permits: What Are They and Do I Need One To Go Solar?

Solar permits are a requirement if you're planning to install solar panels on your home or business. But what are they and why do you need one? Read for answers.

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Solar Power Battery Backup vs Generator: Which Is Better?

When a power outage strikes, which is better to use? A solar power battery backup or a generator? We review which is most effective.

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Renewable Energy: Different Methods for Powering Your Home

If you're looking to find renewable energy sources for your home, look no further. Understand which option can work best for your family, your lifestyle, your wallet and your home.

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A team is installing solar panels on a roof outside.

Leasing Solar Panels vs Buying: Which Is the Better Option?

These days, homeowners have the option of leasing solar panels instead of buying. But which option makes the most sense for your home? Here are some key differences to help you make a decision.

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A woman is typing on a calculator while sitting at a table that's holding her notebook and other various documents.

Solar Panel Loans: Understanding Your Financing Options

Homeowners looking to finance their solar power system will be happy to learn they can do so with solar panel loans. We review the top solar panel loans homeowners can choose from to help finance their clean energy.

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reuse reduce and recycle for going green

Tips for Going Green Around Your Home to Save Money and the Planet

Looking for ways to go green? Look no further. Here's our guide to changes you can make around the home to help minimize your carboon footprint.

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Solar Power For Kids: Different Ways to Teach Kids About Solar Power

Teaching your child about solar energy is a great way to start the process of changing to a cleaner energy source. Kids love to learn, so teach them about how renewable energy can work in their own home!

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How Texas Solar Energy Lagged So Far Behind Other States

Going solar is a popular method of renewable energy, so why is Texas further behind than the rest of the country? There are three main reasons why Texas is behind on solar, and the answers might surprise you.

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How to Avoid Hassle of a Rolling Blackout with Solar Energy 

Following the winter storm, Texans were left without electricity when the state was most vulnerable. Instead of relying on non-renewable energy resources, see how installing solar panels with a backup battery or generator will keep your home powered.

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Understanding South Carolina Solar Panels: Should You Buy or Rent?

Having solar power in South Carolina is achievable through both buying and renting. Find out which option is better suited for you and your home.

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How to Reduce Energy Bills at Home During Summer

With warmer temperatures comes higher energy bills. Learn how you can reduce your energy bills at home before the warm months begin.

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