Debunking the Common Disadvantages of Solar Energy

You may have heard a lot of talk about the disadvantages of solar energy. But much of what you hear may be misinformation masquerading as a reliable fact. Some of the more common myths circulating on the Internet include: It’s only for rich people. Solar energy is unreliable. The panels can damage your roof. Solar […]

What Does an Off Grid Solar System Cost?

So, you’re wanting to go off-grid. But to power your home, you need to look towards an off-grid solar system. But, how much does an off grid solar system cost? For some people, the idea of living off the electrical grid conjures up images of rugged self-reliance and freedom from society’s constraints. But the off […]

The Texas Electricity Deregulation History: What Texans Should Know

It’s important to understand the history of Texas electricity deregulation. By introducing competitive pricing, legislators hoped to prevent unexpected price hikes. However, the implementation of Texas electricity deregulation has led to pros and cons for consumers. This information sets the backdrop for the massive power outages following winter storm Uri in February 2021. Some detractors […]