What Is An Energy Audit and How Is It Used?

Home energy audits are a great way to identify where to save money and improve comfort around the home. This highly specialized home audit is a comprehensive overview of the house. It examines the various elements that impact energy consumption and efficiency. Through an energy audit, people can learn how to save energy all year round. These […]

Is Solar Energy Worth the Investment? Top States For Solar.

Solar energy has become a popular home improvement method in recent years as the cost of solar power has fallen. Homeowners have also become more environmentally conscious, and that’s why you see a surge in solar installations in residential areas. In addition, solar panels can significantly reduce electricity bills and, in some cases, may even eliminate […]

HOA and Solar Panels: Can Your Neighborhood Stop You?

If you live in a community with homeowners associations (HOAs), you might be wondering if solar panels are allowed. Solar panel systems have become more common and energy efficient, but many HOAs still use building codes that were established decades ago. Many of these standards make sense, but they also have unintended consequences for homeowners […]

Know the Facts: What is Energy Independence?

What is energy independence? To many, it might mean no importing of oil into their country, while others expect lower prices at the pump. If you are a homeowner, you will definitely think of a reliable source of energy that is entirely independent of utility companies. It’s a key goal for many to be energy […]

What is a Solar Power Mount and How Do I Do It?

According to the United States Department of Energy, a well-planned solar power system accounts for about 40 percent of home’s energy. One thing that contributes to this success is a solar power mount, key equipment to hold the solar panels. Solar power mounts are lightweight and allow the tilting of the panels into the desired positions. […]

Uncovering the Top Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar power is an emerging technology that converts sunlight into electricity. The power harnessed from the sun generates electricity, providing light and heat. It is also used for industrial and commercial purposes. Nevertheless, there are solar power advantages and disadvantages. The energy produced by the sun in an hour can meet global energy needs for an entire […]

Quick Specs: What is the Best Solar Generator For Home?

Can you predict the unpredictable? No, you can’t. You can only prepare for it. Solar generators are perfect for those who want to be ready for a power outage. With solar generators, there are a lot of different options available. But what is the best solar generator for home use? The best solar generator is the one […]

Off Grid Solar Power Systems: A Beginners’ Guide

The idea of storing energy from the sun, either in an off-grid or grid-tied solar power system, is an empowering one. As more people become conscious of the Earth’s resources, they are turning to renewable energy sources. Off grid solar power systems can help you avoid relying on the electricity grid. Having your energy source at […]

How Much Can a Small Solar Power System Do?

Solar energy has long been used to help conserve energy. The sun can power clocks, calculators, and even cell phone chargers. These help us harness the power of the sun, even on the go. But powering more than that has been a challenge. Fully powering the average home or commercial building takes a large solar […]