How Much Can a Small Solar Power System Do?

Solar energy has long been used to help conserve energy. The sun can power clocks, calculators, and even cell phone chargers. These help us harness the power of the sun, even on the go. But powering more than that has been a challenge. Fully powering the average home or commercial building takes a large solar […]

Should I Have Solar Battery Storage For My Household?

So, you’re looking at solar battery storage. Should you get it? Quick answer: Yes. It will give you the energy independence needed to open up a different way to have electricity without relying on the city or electric companies. It will please you to have things run more efficiently while you do not have to […]

How Much Energy Does a Solar Panel Produce: Top Facts

The world of solar energy is evolving rapidly, with many embracing this technology. The solar panel system is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bill at the same time. If you plan on installing solar panels, you’ll want to know how much you can expect from your investment. So, how […]

What’s My Solar Energy Potential During Different Seasons?

Solar panels are a significant investment to make. Homeowners who make this investment reap the benefit of long-term savings on electricity bills. Additionally, solar energy reduces or eliminates dependence on electrical companies to provide power. They are also an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize the effects of global warming. Installing a […]

Fun Facts About Solar Energy That You May Not Know

Solar panels: we’ve all heard of them, but how much do you know about them? Let’s break down our favorite facts about solar energy that could help you change the way you see it. By the end of this you’ll not only be an expert for trivia night, but also might be ready to make […]

What are Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages?

Solar panels are an ever more popular option for homeowners. More than a million US homes enjoy solar power, and that number increases every year. From 2020 to 2021, the cost of installed residential solar systems dropped 3.3%. This trend has continued for over a decade. There are many good reasons to consider investing in a solar […]

What is Solar Battery Storage? How Do I Know What Size to Get?

With the rising cost of electricity, people have been looking for ways to cut their bills. As a result, solar energy usage is becoming a norm in homes and businesses. According to statistics, solar energy provided roughly 2.3 percent of total electricity in the United States in 2020 alone. But, as it becomes more popular each day, one question […]

The Most Efficient Solar Panels for Camping

Solar panels are becoming more popular as a form of energy that is better for the environment. Generators can be loud and expensive, as the gas that fuels them is not cheap and is potentially dangerous. Portable solar panels have quickly become camping essential if you want a camper experience with some modern comforts. When looking at […]

Time of Use Rates: What They Are and How Do They Work?

Time of use rates is an innovative rate structure for energy consumers. The time of use rate structure is generated from a metering system. This system measures and charges a customer’s consumption based on the time they used the energy. Energy charges are usually high when energy use is high.  Discover Energy Audits with Solar […]

A Guide to the Best Solar Panels for Residential Users

Solar panels are the ideal power alternatives to keep your home lit and business operational, especially during a sudden power blackout. But that is not all. Solar power systems produce pure energy from the sun and help prevent greenhouse gas emissions that cause respiratory diseases, climate change, and air pollution. Therefore, installing solar panels on your home […]