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How to Donate to Texas Organizations Following the Winter Storm Disaster

the texas snowstorm of feb 2021
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This past week, Texas experienced a winter storm that caused mass devastation. Over four million Texans were without power, some with temperatures below 40 degrees in their own home. Others experienced bursting pipes, fires, or unlivable conditions. At ONIT, we stand with our community and want to find immediate relief and support for those who need it most. If you’re wondering how to donate to Texas following this storm, look no further. 

As a dedication to those who need it, we have compiled a list of donation opportunities to help our neighbors. While the winter storms were unprecedented, the giving nature and kindness that Texans show to their communities stayed intact.

This list is a work in progress, so be sure to check back often to see what foundations and what cities have been added! 

Organizations to Support the State of Texas

Airbnb Open Homes

With many Texans living out of hotels or with relatives, Airbnb has a service to help those in need. Through the Airbnb Open Homes, you can either donate your space, or donate to those needing to rent space.  Open Homes has helped temporarily house over 50,000 people through donated services. 

Meals on Wheels

This organization helps bring groceries to elderly or disabled people who cannot make it to the store. Meals on Wheels are located all across the state of Texas, and donations can be made directly on their website.  

A volunteer at North Texas Food Bank is packing canned food items while wearing a t-shirt that says "Stop Hunger."

How to Donate to Texas Organizations in Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas 

North Texas Food Bank

The North Texas Food Bank is looking for donations to help supply North Texans with groceries. This organization is located in Plano, Texas distributing donated, purchased and prepared food to those in need. On average, they supply food to nearly 1,000 feeding programs across 13 North Texas counties. You can volunteer to help with food distribution, or donate directly to them on their website. 

North Texas Salvation Army

The North Texas Salvation Army is working with the local community to donate to help Texas residents affected by the winter storm. Currently, they are asking for donations for sheltering families in hotels, offering inclement weather shelters, any new or gently used blankets, coats, hats, gloves, scarves or hand warmers.  Additionally, they are asking for monetary donations to provide food, electricity, and shelter for the community. 

Feed the People Dallas

This organization believes in solidarity, not charity. Feed the People Dallas offer free weekly, or monthly grocery distributions to anyone in need. As further dedication to the community, they also offer help to those that are unhoused, offering medical care, laundry services, hot meals, and care packages. They have donation options and volunteer opportunities for anyone who would like to help. To find out where to volunteer, visit their Instagram page for frequent updates and information. 

Our Calling

While the weather is getting better, Our Calling still needs donations to support the homeless population in Dallas. They work to transition their homeless friends into a sustainable lifestyle. They are asking for donations through their website. You can either do a one-time donation, a monthly donation, or a “round up” donation, where your purchases will be rounded up to the next dollar value, and sent straight to them. 

man with his arms crossed wearing a volunteer shirt

Genesis Women’s Shelter

The Genesis Women’s Shelter suffered damages due to the winter storm. They are asking for donations to help with buying a back-up generator and having supplies for their emergency shelters. To donate, visit them online. You can also purchase items needed immediately from their Amazon shopping list, or donate items or supplies. For a full list of ways to help, visit their website to see their donation needs and ways to get involved with assisting women who have left violent homes. 

Austin Street Center

Another way to donate to help Texas is by donating to the Austin Street Center. They work to take care of the most vulnerable populations within Dallas. The Austin Street Center is looking for monetary donations to support the inclement weather fund. For more ways to help Dallas citizens, they also have volunteer opportunities to help feed the community.  

Tarrant Area Food Bank

The Tarrant Area Food Bank supplies food donations to the 13 counties that they actively feed. This Fort Worth area food bank serves over one million meals every week, and an average of 60 million meals annually. They are currently seeking donations to help supply their mobile markets and food distribution events. For up to date information on where the Tarrant Area Food Bank is operating, visit their Facebook page. 

Austin Organizations

Central Texas Food Bank

The Central Texas Food Bank is asking for donations and volunteers. This food bank feeds over 200,000 individuals every month. They are taking part in “Lights on Texas,” a storm relief stream-a-thon to help raise money for families that are in need following the winter storm. This event is available through Facebook Live and proceeds go towards feeding Texans. They are also a great resource, providing local information about how you can help your neighbors in need. 

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Austin Disaster Relief Network is here to bring hope into crisis. In response to the devastation to the Austin are, the Austin Disaster Relief Network is in the process of raising funds and preparing for voluneteer opportunities to support those who need it. They have their own page set up to assist with winter storm information, including how to donate to help Texas residents. Their quick links include household cleanup, shower and laundry. 

Austin Area Urban League

The Austin Area Urban League is asking for donations to fuel their campaign called, #LoveThyNeighborTX. This is in support with fellow community focused organizations that are committed to assisting with disaster relief. Donations help supply shelter, food, water and home repair for families in need. To donate, visit their website or volunteer your time by distributing clean water to communities, or ship in donations to 8011A Cameron Road, Austin Texas, 78754. 

Lifeworks Austin

Lifeworks Austin is asking for your help with donations to safely house clients who need it. Through the winter storm, Lifewoorks supplied warm and secure living spaces and hot meals to homeless youth and families. They are contiying to supply units with emergency supplies during this time. In order to continue to help shelter as many youth and young families as possible, they are asking for donations to help with costs for food, shelter, blankets and staffing

Austin EMS Association

The Austin EMS Association helps take care of the city’s first responders and the community, as well. They are currently looking for donations to help supply food and water to our community, hospitals and more. Visit their Facebook or Instagram pages for up-to-date information on how to donate to Texas communities. These pages include information about what items are needed and where to drop them off.

three people volunteering to pass out donated food

Houston Organizations

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

If you’re wanting to donate, but don’t have funds to spare, consider donating blood to the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center. Their blood supply is low, and any donations can help. To find a time slot for blood donation, visit their website

Houston Food Bank

The Houston Food Bank is the largest food bank in the United States, and they’re looking for extra assistance right now. While families have been relying on food banks due to the economic stress of the pandemic, the winter storm caused many families to require assistance as well. They are looking for donations and volunteers to help Houston families. Visit them online, or through their social media to see what opportunities are available. 

Star of Hope

Star of Hope is a homeless shelter in Houston. They are looking for donations of toiletry items such as shampoo, hair brushes, deodorant, and toothpaste. They are also asking for donations of diapers, pullups (size 4T and 5T), underwear for men and women, towels, washcloths, twin sized sheets, and blankets. Visit their website for more information.

Again, this list is a work in progress, so be sure to check back often to see what foundations and what cities have been added! Follow our Instagram for updates to follow. 

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