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Hey Renters, Read Up. Does Renters Insurance Cover Car Theft?

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If you’re renting your home or apartment, you’ve probably heard the term of renters insurance. Or, you might have had to take out a policy prior to moving in. So, what is renters insurance? Does renters insurance cover car theft? How do I claim renters insurance? These questions should be running through the mind of any renter who wants to protect themselves. ONIT has you covered with all you need to know. Read our article below to find out what renters insurance is, what it covers, how to protect yourself, and how to file a claim.

What is Renters Insurance?

Life brings us an endless amount of joy and surprises. Unfortunately, sometimes those surprises are not what we expect. We don’t want to think about the bad but it’s best to prepare. Renters insurance is one way to protect us from the unexpected.

Renters insurance is a low-cost insurance policy for people who rent apartments, townhomes, or single-family homes. Why would a renter need insurance? Although a common belief, landlords do not cover the renter. Landlords will only insure the building the renter is living in and not the renter. Does renters insurance cover car theft? Continue to read to find the answer.

What does Renters Insurance Cover?

Personal Property

Personal Property is any object that the renter personally owns such as furniture, clothing, electronics, or jewelry. If there is damage to personal property in an incident, then renters insurance will cover the expenses.


If a renter sustains an injury during their stay in the residence then they may be covered. If the building is the cause of an injury to the renter and if the insurance will conclude the fault is on the landlord then the renter will have coverage.


If the renter has the unfortunate scenario of displacement from their home, they need not worry. Renters insurance will cover the costs of moving and will help find a new place if the previous residence proves unlivable.

Medical Bills

If the renter is hurt in the residence and the landlord is at fault then insurance will cover the medical bills. Such incidents include electric shock or bad infrastructure. As a renter recovers from an injury medical bills should be the last of their problems. Renters insurance will cover the cost of most medical bills.

Renters insurance covers many important scenarios that may occur during the renters’ stay in the residence. In an event of a natural disaster, a renter should know what renters insurance covers. Take a look at our article to read more on renters insurance and natural disasters. Please continue to read answer the question: Does renters insurance cover car theft?

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Does Renters Insurance Cover Car Theft?

Car Theft

Break-ins do not only occur inside homes but also inside motor vehicles. Belongings should be secure or out of sight if you must leave them in the car. However, it’s difficult to protect the entire car and if the thief takes the car. In the case of a stolen vehicle renters insurance will not cover replacing the car. This is all due to the already available car insurance policies. Car insurance handles all vehicle thefts while renters insurance does not. Luckily for the renter, most policyholders allow buyers to combine both car insurance and renters insurance.

Also, renters insurance covers any theft within the vehicle. The insurance will cover the personal belongings that were stolen from the car. Whether you are at home, on vacation, at work, or out shopping, renters insurance will protect your stolen items. Likewise, if the car is stolen, anything within the car, a renter can claim through this policy.

Best Ways To Avoid Theft

Sometimes break-ins are inevitable but there are ways to scare off thieves or even stop them in their tracks. Insurance may cover the cost of lost or damaged property, but you don’t want to go through such a stressful experience. Plus, some belongings may have sentimental value that is not replaceable. Renters insurance can replace your belongings but it can’t replace your sense of security or personal value to items.

Make sure you try to avoid theft before it happens. Here are a few helpful tips to stop thieves in their tracks.

Take a Look Around

To catch a criminal one must think like a criminal, just for a little while. Take a look outside of your home. Are there any windows that people can easily peer through? If they can, what is visible through the window? If the window has a perfect view of your expensive television set or jewelry box then maybe it is time to install a new set of curtains. Similarly, ask your neighbors if they notice any weak spots you may have missed and return the favor for them. The same concept applies to your vehicles. Do not leave your laptop in the passenger seat for everyone to see – transfer all your valuables in the glove compartment or trunk so that it is out of sight.

Lock it Up

Many of us know the importance of locking our doors at night and when we leave. However, so many of us forget to lock the window that was left open. Remember to lock up all entrances to your home including windows, backdoors, and even garage doors. Sometimes the battery-powered remote may glitch and open the garage door as you drive away. Lock every entry in the home. The same goes for your cars. Make sure you lock it before walking away.

Get a Security System

An up-to-date security camera is a sure way to deter crime and catch a crime. A renter can easily buy a simple camera online and install it themselves without any hassle. Many connect straight to a mobile device so the home has a monitor 24/7. And if a theft does occur, hopefully, the security cameras will capture the perpetrator. The result will be the return of stolen or damaged items! As for a car, it’s difficult to keep a dashcam running like a home security system but you can buy an affordable anti-theft device. Such as a wheel lock that takes seconds to install. Also, install a new alarm system in the car. This will heighten the sound of the alarm and enable brighter flashing lights that will deter a thief from breaking in.

Visit our article to find out the full extent of what renters insurance covers.

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How Do You Make a claim?

Unfortunately, crimes will still happen even if all precautions are met. When this happens, the renter must follow the necessary procedures to get the most out of their policy.

Contact your insurance company

Your renters insurance might need to you file a police report and contact the landlord before they continue with your claim. Doing so will help your case as you will be providing proof of a crime. Informing the landlord will aid in the investigation to prove that the landlord did not have any knowledge of the crime or is innocent of damage to the belongings in case of a fire.

Document and prove inventory

File a claim as soon as possible. Insurance companies have a deadline before you can file a claim. Then you will need to document your losses and make an inventory list. If your items are damaged, make detailed notes of what types such as fire or water damage. If any items are stolen, make a list of everything that was taken from the residence.

After a list is complete, the renter will give value to all their assets. Document how much the item costs now and at the time of purchase. This will all be useful for the insurance companies and to you when filing the claim.

File a Claim

As information has is given to the insurance company they will open an official investigation. The more documents that the renter can provide the faster the process.

Becoming a victim of a crime can have serious ramifications on mental health. Please visit Office for Victims of Crime to find out helpful tips.

Renters Insurance is a great resource for renters and is affordable to most. It provides a sense of stability and protection so you can enjoy life. Although renters insurance may not cover all damages it will provide enough security to the renter so they can sleep easy at night. The thought of something disastrous happening to our homes or belongings is nothing we wish to think about. But it’s so important to protect ourselves from the craziness that life throws at us.

Need Insurance? We’re ONIT to Find You the Best Deal

It can be difficult finding the right insurance policy and finding out who to trust. The question has been answered: Does renters insurance cover car theft? It does not, but we can help find the perfect policy. That is why we are ONIT and can provide you with the products and technology insurance has to offer. We skip the industry jargon and find you the best deal for all your needs. Whether you’re wanting home, auto, renters, or bundled insurance, we’re here to help you! Visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to speak with a live representative.

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