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Mishaps Covered By Home Insurance: Christmas Movie Edition

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It’s that time of the year- time to settle down on the couch, put on your favorite pajamas, and watch a holiday movie with the ones you love most. In most holiday movies, the characters are put through different mishaps. Whether it be falling off the roof, a rabid squirrel, or burglars, these characters seem to be left out of luck. However, these characters have to have home insurance, Christmas movies or not. Find out whether or not the home insurance christmas mishaps would be covered, or declined. 

1. Home Alone Break In- Covered by Home Insurance?

We all know the classic movie Home Alone. Who could forget Macaulay Culkin slapping his hands to his face and screaming into the mirror? In the movie,  his neighborhood is being watched by two criminals, eyeing for houses that look vacant. So what happens if you’re on vacation in Paris, and your house gets broken into?

Your insurance will cover you. Luckily, home insurance policies will have a section on theft or robbery of your property. Those damages include any broken windows/doors and items that have been stolen from your house. 

Before your trip, your biggest worry should be making sure that all of your family members get on the plane, not worry about any potential theft that could happen to your home. With the influx of new home security features, robberies on Christmas should be a thing of the past. Make sure your house is secure with the best home security or camera system out there. If you don’t have a home security system- ONIT can help with that.

2. “Christmas Vacation” Tree Incident 

The infamous Griswold family Christmas tree. It was lush, perfect sized (except for the broken windows once it was fully opened), and plucked out of the ground for the holiday season. However, a squirrel was hiding in the tree, lept out and caused absolute havoc in the house during the chase. Property was broken, family heirlooms were lost. Is that damage covered by your insurance? 

Sorry to break it to you, but probably not. Standard policies don’t always protect against rodents, and squirrels are classified as that. However, a larger animal like a coyote or a deer that caused that damage would most likely be covered by your insurance. 

wrapped presents, green present in the middle

3. The Grinch Stole Your Presents

He’s a mean one, that Mr. Grinch. In the book turned movie, the Grinch hated Christmas. In a retaliation to the celebration, the Grinch went from house to house and stole the presents that had been delivered by Santa. If he broke into your home and stole the presents from your tree, would you be covered?

Absolutely! Although the Grinch returned the presents, he still stole them from your home. Your insurance covers break ins and theft, so your Christmas presents would be saved. 

4. Someone Slips On Your Icy Pavement and Sues You 

In Home Alone, Kevin places well thought out traps against the burglars. He freezes the steps, and one takes a tumbling fall. If someone were on your property and slipped on the ice and broke their arm- would your home insurance cover their medical bills?

Yes. The personal liability in your home insurance policy will cover this medical cost. If it was a friend, or a stranger, they could sue you for medical damages. Luckily, this is why you have a set amount of money in your policy that covers these accidents. 

santa claus

5. Santa Claus Falls Off Your Roof 

In the beginning of Santa Clause the original Santa Claus falls off of Scott Calvin’s roof and plummets into the snow. In a normal life situation, you could have a worker or a friend on your roof helping you with your Christmas lights. If they were to fall and get seriously injured- what can your insurance provide?

They will provide coverage! However, it is important to note that most workers will already have their own policy as part of workers compensation. If your friend falls off the roof, they will be covered by the liability policy. However, if you fall off your roof, that is handled by your health insurance. 

6. Food Poisoning From Maple Syrup and Spaghetti 

While Buddy the Elf never gave anyone food poisoning in Elf, the combination of maple syrup, spaghetti and pop tarts could make one of your guests sick. If you served this at your dinner party and your guests actually ate it and got sick, could you help them with funds as far as medical bills? 

Yes, your insurance will cover it if you were found to be negligent on food handling

family of four sitting in front of a fireplace at christmas

Home Insurance Christmas Disasters

These movies, while goofy, hold a special place in our holiday memories. Let their disasters give you peace of mind of what your home insurance will cover, therefore you don’t have to be a Scrooge this holiday season. 

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