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What to Do in a Pandemic: 3 Steps to Feel More Control

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None of us need to be told how much COVID-19 has affected every human being on this planet. We are now more consciously aware of our health for the first time as a collective. With so many things changing day-to-day, it often seems like there’s not a lot left for us to control.

With that being said, we need to equip ourselves throughout this challenging time with careful preparation. 

So, if you’re wondering what to do in a pandemic to retain control, one suggestion is to update your insurance policies. You should also re-evaluate who’s in your close circle if you need assistance in the case of an emergency. These are just a few ways you can take back control over the things in your life during the pandemic.

3 Steps for a Pandemic Reset

  1. Get an advanced healthcare directive. You want to make sure that someone has the ability to speak for you in the instance that you cannot speak for yourself. An advance directive is a set of instructions someone prepares before ill health that determines his or her healthcare wishes.
  2. Get life insurance. If anyone depends on your earnings or unpaid labor, it’s absolutely essential to have at least some life insurance in place. You don’t purchase life insurance for yourself; this is a purchase made for the loved ones in your life. You can ensure some financial relief in the instance of your absence. Typically, this can pay for your funeral costs, the mortgage, left behind debt, and even college funds for your children or grandchildren. Any amount of life insurance is better than none at all, so contact an agent to get a policy that works for your life and budget.
  3. Consider disability insurance. Illness and injuries are a part of our everyday life. None of us are ever guaranteed another day on this earth, and many of us rarely go unscathed. So many times, illnesses and injuries happen that often have long roads to recovery and can many times have a direct impact on steady monthly income. That is where disability insurance comes in. It is basically insurance to guarantee a roof over your head and food on your table.

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What to Do in a Pandemic: Other Ways to Stay in Control

Follow CDC Guidelines

One of the most important ways you can stay in control during the pandemic is to listen and follow the CDC’s guidelines. Your health and safety are extremely important. Make sure you know how to take care of yourself in public settings. Always have protective face coverings on hand to wear if you need to need to go out in public. Keep your hands and your surroundings clean. And finally, if you can, stay home. 

Take Care of Yourself 

While the above section provides the obvious ways you can take care of yourself, what we mean here relates a little more to peace of mind. It’s easy to overwhelm yourself with today’s rotation of news stories. Being away from family and friends is hard. Others might not know how to spend their time alone in quarantine. 

We encourage you to take advantage of the time you have at home. Schedule some time to pick up a hobby, read that book collecting dust on your bookshelf, reorganize, learn some new skills, start exercising, or just binge-watch television to take your mind off current events. Treating yourself to relaxation and downtime does wonders for alleviating stress you may be feeling during this time. 

Stay Connected With Family and Friends

Being apart from your favorite people is never easy. Thankfully, technology makes staying- up-to-date with one another simple. Schedule a FaceTime call with the group of friends you were supposed to go vacationing with over the summer. Use Netflix’s Teleparty to catch up on your favorite television shows or movies together with loved ones, even if you’re apart. Host a Zoom birthday or holiday party. Create a Facebook page with your family to post important updates or other relevant information.

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How To Stay In Control In a Pandemic? Call ONIT!

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