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4 Reasons You Need Smart Security Lights Around Your Home

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Smart security lights should be deemed an essential purchase for every home and small business. Aside from the simple fact that this helps you see your surroundings when it’s dark inside or outside your home or business, why else do we need a smart security light?

Smart security lighting is a reliable and affordable investment that pays off in many advantageous ways. Here are the top reasons you need to have security lights around your home: 

Providing Safety and Awareness 

The most prominent reason to have smart security lights is the personal safety aspect, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Again, be proactive with your home security, not reactive. Brightening up your alley, your business’s front door, your driveway, backyard, pathways around to your trash cans, steps, porches, and inside the rest of your home will help to reduce the chances of injury to you, your loved ones, or those servicing your home. This would also prevent a potential lawsuit should something severe happen. 

Many smart security lights have motion sensors that trigger the light bulb on when it detects movement. This is a security feature that many homeowners trust for scaring away potential intruders or other unwanted visitors. With recent improvements to smart home technology and a growing market, it’s easy to find a smart security light that detects motion at a price that fits your budget. We’re talking under $40

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Improving Property Security

Burglaries happen to many that least expect it. The FBI states they are the most common threat to homes. In 2018 alone, there were an estimated and recorded 1,230,149 burglaries in the United States. One of the greatest benefits in installing smart lighting is to improve home security. By adding smart light bulbs around the exterior and interior of your house, you can guarantee that those motion sensors when triggers will deter strangers from unlawfully entering your property. Smart light bulbs are the best of both worlds as it catches thieves or peeping toms off guard and brings awareness to the setting instantaneously.

Increased Property Value 

By installing outdoor security lighting, you are making an investment in the overall worth of your home. Mention that it’s a smart bulb and you may receive a better return on your investment. Outdoor lighting is a prime feature and is sure to add to your home’s value and provide a higher appraisal if ever to be sold. It’s one less thing that the new homeowners need to do.

In addition to your home’s worth, adding outdoor security lighting can reduce your home’s insurance rates. Because they reduce the likelihood of break-ins, many insurance companies have discounts and deductions off premiums for homeowners that have security lighting outside the house. Ultimately, you can invest to save!

They Can Be Controlled From Anywhere

Our smart bulbs have scheduling features that let you control your lights when you aren’t home. This is a great security option for when you’re on vacation or at an unexpected evening or early morning function because your home never looks empty. Have you seen Home Alone when Kevin throws that wild “house party”? Harry and Marv didn’t want to enter that house when it was all lit up. It also means you can come home to a lit house without leaving your lights on and wasting electricity. You can control all of this from our Alarm.com app.

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What To Look For When Shopping

Before you add smart security lights to your shopping cart, you should know what special features to look out for. These can help enhance your home’s overall security. While not all of these are absolute “must-haves”, they are certainly great to have for improved efficiency. These features include:

  • Weather Resistance. Let’s be honest, you’re most likely going to install your smart security lights outside. And while outside, your lights will coexist with the elements. Make sure they can withstand whatever the weather brings with weather resistance, specifically rain or heat resistance.
  • LED Compatibility. You’ll want to use smart security lights that are compatible with LED bulbs to enjoy the sweet benefits of energy efficiency. LED light bulbs also last a long time, their average lifespan being 50,000 hours. Many people prefer LED bulbs for their improved glow quality. This is strong enough to help stop an intruder in their tracks.
  • Two-Way Audio. Security lights with two-way audio offer additional security features and give you the ability to remain even more connected to home. When you notice movement outside, scare off the intruders with the light’s speaker. Or use two-way audio to welcome a guest inside or inquire why someone is visiting your home so late. 
  • Siren. If you thought shining a bright light on a potential intruder was a great security feature, you’ll love pairing this with a loud siren. Combining the two does wonders in getting unwanted visitors to turn around and leave your property. 
  • Smart Speaker Integration. Connecting your smart lights to a smart speaker is a smart choice. It means you don’t have to turn on the lights manually or pause what you’re doing to enjoy your security device. Just call out to Alexa or Google Home to do the work for you. 
  • Easy-Install. You might have to read the reviews on this one to make sure the product you’re eying doesn’t require a full team of experts to set up. Shop for smart security lights that can be set up within a reasonable amount of time with preferably just one person. 
  • Warranty. A warranty is always nice to have. You never know if something is going to happen to your equipment. A warranty provides you with a nice safety net if damage or strange glitches occur and an exchange needs to be made.

Need Smart Security Lights at Home? We’re ONIT!

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