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Benefits of Monitored Home Security Systems

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One of the biggest concerns for anyone who owns a house is taking preventative measures to protect their home. Did you know that there are more than 3,300 burglaries every year? With that surprising statistic, it’s crucial to take action. Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities, and keeping their house secured is at the top of the list. You’ve probably considered some type of protection to keep your family safe, but there are so many options out there. But monitored home security systems take home safety to another level. Here are some of the benefits they provide and why you should consider one for your household.

What Is A Monitored Home Security System?

Monitored home security systems have constant 24/7 monitoring from a professional company. A team gets notified instantly, whether it’s a break-in, fire, and even in cases where emergency response is needed. Unmonitored systems are controlled remotely but don’t provide the same level of protection. There could be times where you need to intervene but can’t, such as when there is no Wifi signal. Having home security of any kind is always good, but a monitored system covers all possible threats. There are always DIY (do it yourself) options available, but they have some flaws.

A Monitored Home Security Can Help You Save Money

These systems are the perfect technology to provide a homeowner with complete control over home automation. For example, controlling when lights get turned on and off and the thermostat can slash money off the energy bill. Also, there are some perks to saving on your home insurance bill for the year. You can save up to 10 percent off your policy for the year, which is a nice reward for having a monitored system. If your insurance costs 1,000 dollars a year, that’s a savings of $100.

Provides The Protection You Need For Your Home And Family

Every parent wants the best possible protection for themselves and their children. Monitored home security systems can help with any of the following:

  • Break-ins- Having a way to get the help of a professional quickly becomes essential if your system detects a burglary.
  • Carbon monoxide detection, smoke, and fires- These threats are always a concern, especially when you’re sleeping. You can’t smell or feel carbon monoxide, which is always a concern at any time of the year.
  • Emergency response for medical conditions- Knowing that you can have an emergency responder available is invaluable, especially if you have young children or grandparents in the home.

Gives Homeowners More Peace Of Mind

One of the best benefits of monitored home security systems is the peace of mind they give families every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or not. This type of protection always makes you feel a little better. It has the best of both worlds for all kinds of lifestyles. Whether it’s the remote worker at home by themselves or the traveling nurse who’s always away, these systems can help.

For most people, their homes are the most significant investment they’ll ever make. In 2021 alone, home prices soared more than 10 percent, averaging over $250,000 nationwide. So protecting what matters most for a few extra bucks a month is one of the wisest decisions you could make. Think of home security as a different set of eyes that are always willing to take action should your home become threatened.

If you’re not entirely on the technical side either, a DIY option can also put you at risk for a few reasons. You have to know to keep track of a low battery, a problem with equipment, and ensure there’s a good connection. On the other hand, there’s no need to have any of these concerns when a professional handles them for you.

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Deter Potential Intruders From Entering Your Home

A break-in can never happen if the intruder never attempts to get inside the house. That’s what monitored systems can do for your home. Even burglars themselves have reported in studies that they move to another home when they see the presence of a security system. We’re all human, and there’s always a chance to leave a door or window open by mistake.

The presence of constant monitoring could become a lifesaver should a homeowner make a mistake that breaches security. Everyone at one time or another has probably fallen asleep and forgot to check the locks or leave the garage door open. There’s always your “security team” that has your back when life gets in the way. For parents who never get a second to sit down, you can relate. Also, we can’t forget about the world of online shopping. Unfortunately, thousands of deliveries get stolen every day. The presence of a monitored security system will make anyone think twice, especially knowing they’re under surveillance.

Constant 24/7 Around The Clock Monitoring

Monitored home security systems are worth it because they have a security expert at hand around the clock. It’s impossible to stay up all night either checking the locks or having your phone nearby to monitor. When you work with a professional, you don’t have to do any of those things. An alarm that gets set off means you get contacted immediately. If there is no response, the appropriate response is sent to your home quickly.

Having protection at all times is also beneficial should you have a vacation property. Many people leave their vacation correctly during the winter months. There could be no one around in the house for months at a time. Having a way to know what’s happening at all times is vital to protect these properties.

Monitored Systems Are A Convenient Way To Protect Your Property

Before you go buy a 150-pound dog and get the “beware of dog” sign, understand there’s a better way. What’s easier than having the ability to know what’s happening at your home all the time? They have more to offer for homeowners over an unmonitored system. If you don’t use monitored home security systems, it ultimately becomes your responsibility to call for help if you need it. In a genuine emergency, you might not have the time or mindfulness to even think about it. If there was a fire that was threatening the safety of your family, you should only be thinking about getting everybody out. Help is already on the way because it’s unlikely you’d be able to call for help.

Get Immediate Help In A Life-Threatening Emergency

A professional by your side can get help much faster than you would by yourself. Monitored home security systems could be the difference between saving your life or important valuables. There are times when you won’t be able to contact anyone, such as when you’re asleep. Seconds matter, too, with a medical emergency. Knowing you have every potential threat covered is well worth the investment.

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There Is Excellent Customer Service With A Professional Home Security System

There’s never a question that can’t get answered when you have experts overseeing your monitored system. Whether you want to upgrade services or have general operational concerns, there’s always help, just a phone call away. Companies that provide these monitored systems are experts at their craft and can guide you in the right direction quickly. That saves a big headache of trying to figure out everything on your own or breaking something by mistake. In addition, should there ever be a problem with how the system works, you’ll also have a quick resolution.

Why Is A Monitored Home Security System Better?

Monitoring your system can be done with a smartphone, but it’s not the same as a professional. This can help alleviate the pressure of always needing to have your guard up. Additionally, having your security system monitored by a professional means quicker response times, and no possible threat goes unnoticed. You have protection literally every second of every day.

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ONIT Home Is Your Preferred Choice For All Home Security

ONIT home is an industry expert in the realm of home security. We provide 24/7 professionally monitored systems at a low monthly rate. We work with customers from all walks of life to ensure they get the best protection available for their homes or businesses. Are you interested in learning more about monitored home security systems? We’re here for that!

Visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to get started.

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