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5 Tips to Avoid Package Theft in Apartment Complexes

Living in an apartment could make you more susceptible to package theft. Learn these quick tips and tricks to make sure your online orders are delivered safely to you.

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How Many Contact Sensors Does Your Home Need?

Adding contact sensors is a great way to secure your home. There are endless options on where to put them- from your children's windows to your backdoor- contact sensors have you covered and safe. Learn about different locations to utilize them, and why they're a great investment.

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Cheap Home Security Systems: Safety On A Budget

Home security is important, but that doesn't mean it should be costly! There are companies and equipment that will keep you safe without breaking the bank.

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Don’t Break the Bank: DIY Smart Home Ideas

Smart homes are all the rage, but sometimes your budget can only allow for so much. Here are some of the best DIY smart home ideas so your home can be advanced, without blowing through your budget.

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The Best DIY Home Security Systems to Install in 2020

In the past, getting a new security system meant calling a national company, having an installer come to your door, and spending a ton of money each month for monitoring. Thankfully, times and technology have changed, making it easier than ever to enjoy the peace of mind a security system provides without lengthy contracts. Here […]

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