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The Best DIY Home Security to Gift this Holiday Season

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Feeling secure is important to feeling happy. New technology makes it easier and cheaper than ever to improve home security. Many are in the perfect price range for a gift, and the holiday season is around the corner. You should consider getting a gift from this collection of the best DIY home security gifts. With the mix of prices and features in this list, you can find the right match.

  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Solar Strobe Light
  • Alarm.com Security Camera
  • Nooie Baby Monitor
  • Door and Window Alarms
  • Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Amazon Echo Dot

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The versatility and affordability of the Echo Dot make it one of the best DIY home security gifts. While it’s not a security device on its own, you can use an Echo Dot with many smart security devices. Because it does so much, it can be a middle ground between a security gift and an entertaining one.

The Amazon device comes with a virtual assistant named Alexa. When connected to your WiFi, she is a voice link to the Internet and your smart devices. You can ask her to play your favorite song. She can turn a smart thermostat up and down. Smart sensors and cameras can use her to send alerts. She also makes a great timer, clock, wake-up alarm, and research aid. Alexa can also perform tasks in response to alarms with programming, for advanced users.

The Alexa Guard and paid Guard Plus services add to the Echo’s security. Some devices like Ring cameras include a Guard Plus subscription as part of the service. The basic version can automate lights and gets alerts when the Echo hears an alarm or glass breaking. Guard Plus adds more alert options and lets you call for emergency help with voice commands.

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 Pro

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Doorbell cameras are a hot item right now. They put a camera and audio communication where most guests enter. That makes them useful for both security and convenience. The camera on the Ring 2 Pro has “Head-to-Toe HD+ Video” that captures everything in the entryway. If you sign up for the Ring Protect Plan, up to 60 days of video will stay ready and available for sharing from any online device. Motion and audio sensing notify you when anything notable happens at the door. With automated responses after you link your Ring to Alexa, you can keep an eye on your front door with no actual interaction.

Installing a smart doorbell into an existing doorbell space is only mildly difficult. The installation is harder without existing wiring, but it can still be a DIY project. The Doorbell 2 Pro is the latest version, so supplies may be sparse in the gift-giving season. Refurbished or older models work almost as well, but they may not have all the features. If you want the latest and best version, don’t wait.

Smart Thermostat

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Having a smart thermostat is a great way to make your home a smart home, and save money on your utility bills. So, what does a smart thermostat do?

  • Smart thermostats connect right into your WiFi, allowing you to control the temperature through a phone or computer.
  • Compatible with third party sources, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Just a simple “Hey Alexa, set h0use to 70 degrees.”
  • Comes with motion detection to see when you’re home. If no motion is detected, system switches to an off mode.
  • Energy conservation capabilities
  • Creates a schedule
  • Supported by geofencing to get an idea of your location through cell phone location

Not sure which company to go with? We have you covered in a smart thermostat review guide over Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell.

A smart thermostat is hanging on a beige wall inside a living room.

Solar Strobe Light

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Obvious security measures are a useful deterrent against criminals who case their targets. Loud and bright ones are great at sending away criminals who don’t pay attention. This alarm and motion sensor combination does both. Its body is bright white and red with a large body, so it’s hard to miss. When it detects motion, the strobe light and alarm siren can be heard for a mile. The alarm has quiet and silent modes for smaller spaces. Even when no one is nearby, the sensor can alert you through an app like Alexa.

The sensor has a solar panel and is IP67 certified. Set it up around the property perimeter, and it can work through months of cold, windy winter. In just a few hours of sunlight, it’s ready to go again.

An Alarm.com Security Camera

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Take your home surveillance up a notch with an Alarm.com security camera. This indoor security camera runs on WiFi and records in 1080P. The sleek, stylish and compact design fits in with indoor decor. This camera has a 180 degree camera that records in real time and has night time capabilities.  The infrared night vision allows for up to 15 feet in range. You’re able to zoom, pan, and tilt your camera. Alarm.com cameras also offer a two-way audio call letting you both receive and transmit audio through the camera.

Attach your camera directly to your WiFi or hardwire it for instant and reliable connection. Each package includes a power adapter as a backup option.

Nooie Baby Monitor

$39.99 from Amazon.

This baby monitor is a step above the monitors of the past. Familiar features like two-way audio are still there, but new tech takes it further. The HD night vision camera lets you see the child from a smartphone at any time. You can control the monitor through an app or Amazon Alexa. The smart detection starts recording when it senses sound or motion while sending you an alert on your mobile device. Because it detects weird sounds, the monitor might catch a first moment that would have been missed.

Storage in the camera can hold up to 4 days of video. If connected to cloud storage, it can store any amount. Even without storage, it is an effective baby monitor, and it’s easy to find alternative uses once the baby is bigger. For immediate and long-term value, it’s one of the best DIY home security gifts.

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Door and Window Alarms

Vibration Alarms on Amazon

Opening Alarms on Amazon

Door and window alarms are a helpful security addition, especially for forgetful people. There are two types of alarms you’ll find: opening and vibration. Opening alarms usually use magnets that sound an alert when the halves are apart. Vibration alarms detect when the surface is jostled. Both are quick and easy ways to lower the risk of a thief using one of the most common entry points for criminals.

The suggested models aren’t WiFi connected or “smart”. Even with smart technology, these types of sensors aren’t always reliable against intelligent thieves. Since these models are cheap and don’t need wires or signals, they are still helpful along with other security measures. You can get between 5 and 10 alarms to cover all potential entryways. Using smart alarms would cost much more for the same coverage. The pack can be split up between multiple people if you’re shopping for people who only have the main door and one or two windows.

Smart Fingerprint Padlock

$24.08 from Newegg

Physical security is still important in a world full of digital devices. Keeping track of multiple keys is a pain, and dialing a combination takes time. With a smart fingerprint padlock, locking and unlocking take about the same time with no keys or dials. It’s a handy gift for students or anyone who has a locker that they use at work. The lock is IP65 certified for weather endurance, so it’s also good for bike locks, doors on sheds, and other outside uses.

The lock accepts up to ten fingerprint scans, so you can set it up for the family. This makes it great for child safety, like keeping the tools or chemicals locked. Adults and older teens can still get into the spaces without fuss, but little kids aren’t allowed.

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