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How to Automate Your Home on a Budget: 4 Creative Ideas for Simplicity

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If you’ve paid any attention to the technological developments over the past few years, then you’ve probably noticed that smart home devices are becoming incredibly popular. If you are looking for ways to simplify your life, then home automation is surely the way to go. There are lots of home automation benefits and you might already know that you can automate your alarm, temperature, lighting, and even your home security system. At the same time, it’s important you automate these devices in a way that’s going to simplify your life. If you’re wondering how to automate your home, here are four creative ways that can work with any budget.

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1. Automate the Lighting in Your Home

If you’re wondering how to automate your home, then lighting automation is something you should consider. This gives you a range of possibilities to adjust and manage the lighting in your home. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure you get the most out of your smart home lighting system. If you automate your lights, then you should be able to:

  • Dim and brighten your home automatically at various times of the day through the programming system
  • Turn off all the lights with a single command via the light’s corresponding smartphone app
  • Control entry and pathway lights to turn on automatically before you drive in via geofencing on your phone’s smart home app
  • Create a sunrise alarm, otherwise known as a lighting system that will simulate the sunrise and gradually brighten the lights in the morning to avoid people being punished when they wake up in the morning

By relying on the appropriate smart home systems and apps, you can get the most out of your home’s automated lighting system.

2. Stay Connected With Home Security Automation

For those wondering how to automate your home, home security systems are one of the biggest points of emphasis. Some ways you can automate the security in your home include: 

  • Install automatic door locks, ensuring that the doors in your home automatically lock when you are out of the house
  • Use a smart home security app to lock and unlock the doors remotely 
  • Receive signals from a monitoring center if there is an intruder in your home via motion sensors
  • Call on Alexa to control the smart home security products in your home using just the sound of your voice

These are a few of the top ways that you can automate the security system in your home. This can provide everyone in your house with the peace of mind that you deserve. Smart home security can certainly become a possibility, no matter your budget depending on the company you work with. Companies, like ONIT Home, offer flexible financing options to meet the needs of your wallet.

3. Automate Everyday Devices With Smart Plugs

Another key area in which you can automate your home is the power sockets themselves. If you’ve never thought about automating your home with a smart plug, you’re missing out on a lot.

There are several ways you can utilize home smart plugs. At the most basic level, a smart plug is a device that goes in between the power socket and the device you’re plugging in, such as a lamp. A smart plug is designed to help people turn things on and off at will. In this manner, a smart plug can make everything a lot more convenient while also saving people money on their home utility bills.

Some top ways that you can use smart plugs include:

  • Identifying power-hungry appliances and shutting them off when not needed
  • Automating a home Christmas tree during the holidays
  • Turning on and off a home entertainment system
  • Changing the temperature in the room

These are just a few of the top ways that a smart plug can make everyone’s life more convenient.

A white robot vacuum sits on the wooden floor next to a woman reading a magazine on a red leather couch.

4. Small Lifestyle Automations Can Go A Long Way

Finally, there’s also a list of small convenience and lifestyle automation products that can really make a difference in your daily routine. Everyone loves the convenience that home automation delivers. If you’re looking for additional ideas regarding how to automate your home, then look at some of these options, including: 

  • Use a smart thermostat to create heating and cooling schedules. A smart thermostat can also enter energy-saving modes that adjust the device to a low-energy setting when it detects no one is home
  • Cut sweeping out of your schedule and switch to a robot vacuum. While some might consider this item a luxury, there are more budget-friendly options for homeowners or renters to choose from

These are just a few of the many ways that you can automate small areas of your home that can make a vast difference in your routine.

Automating Your Home Is Simple With ONIT

As you can see, it’s certainly possible to automate your home on a budget. Thankfully, advancements in technology has made convenience and innovation accessible for more families. 

To further tailor your environment to your unique set of needs with automation, consider creating a smart home. This allows all of your smart and automated devices to communicate and work simultaneously to your comfort. Not sure where to start? Call on the experts at ONIT to learn more about installing the right products for your family. For over a decade, we’ve been helping customers protect and stay connected to their home with best-in-class technology. Our Smart Choice Financing gives you the freedom to access all the smart home security equipment you need at any budget. 

Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you with your home automation and security needs.

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