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How to Set Up a Smart Home with Alexa: It’s Easier Than You Think!

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Smart homes were a sci-fi concept a mere few years ago. With smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, this dream has become a reality. Now the big question is how to set up a smart home with Alexa for an interconnected home.

Why do you need Alexa? Well, this solution comes with excellent cross-platform and device compatibility. In the past, you’d need to mix different solutions and devices. Now, all you need is a smart speaker to bring all your household systems and devices under control.

Best of all, setting up a smart home with Alexa is easier than you think! Don’t believe us? Then keep reading to find out as we guide you step-by-step on enjoying the simplicity of hands-free control.

What Is Alexa? 

Alexa is one of the most cutting-edge home automation solutions from Amazon. It can play a central role in controlling various devices for a “smarter home.” Unlike similar solutions, it connects multiple devices from a host of manufacturers.

In essence, Alexa devices such as the Echo Spot work as controllers. This gives you the power to integrate the device with your AC system, TV, CCTV, and even your speakers for control.

How to Set up A Smart Home with Alexa

Your home is just a few steps from being a smart home if it’s already Wi-Fi ready. Now all you need to do is head to your App Store, download, and install a smart home companion app from the device’s manufacturer to get started.

Here Are a Few Simple Steps on How to Set up a Smart Home with Alexa

  1. Ensure that you smart-home device is on (or plugged in if necessary)
  2. Open the manufacturer’s companion app.
  3. Find “setting up a new device” options
  4. Check for Wi-Fi settings on your device’s network. 
  5. Connect the device to your Wi-Fi network
  6. Go back to the menu once the device is connected.
  7. Enter whatever credentials or passwords the device requests
  8. Update the device’s firmware where necessary

Tip: Step 3 can be tricky. Most devices come with a button for “add manufacturer.” Some devices list the company name while others only come with a big hard-to-miss (+) sign. Once activated, such an option will broadcast the discovered device across your network.

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What Smart Home Appliances and Systems Can You Integrate into Alexa?

Part of knowing how to set up a smart home with Alexa is knowing its capabilities. Fortunately, Alexa simplifies just about everything. It seamlessly integrates into:

  1. Intelligent home alarms and locks: Alexa enables you to arm/disarm home alarms and open doors with simple voice commands.
  2. Smart speakers: Aside from Amazon echo, other prominent brand speakers such as Bose, JBL, and Yamaha YAS-209 come with built-in Alexa compatibility.
  3. Wi-Fi enabled TVs: Imagine the possibilities that lay in using voice commands through Alexa integration to control your television as a remote would.
  4. Most smart appliances: The internet of things has made it possible to connect fridges, microwaves, and other smart appliances. Alexa gives you an easier way to connect such devices and get them to work via voice commands.  
  5. Roombas and other smart vacuums: There’s no need to haul a vacuum cleaner around the house. Alexa enables you to get your smart vacuum into action via voice activation.

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How Can You Include Alexa within Your Smart Home Security System?

Alexa voice makes it possible for you to take advantage of other home security systems such as Vivint, ADT and SimpliSafe. With simple voice commands powered by Alexa’s Amazon Echo, you can control devices connected to other security systems like Vivint. For example, you can control smart door locks, home security cameras, smart thermostats, smart garage door and other security devices powered by ADT and other security companies. 

To include smart home automation and smart speakers, such as Alexa, in your home security system, most companies simply require you to upgrade your security package. You will need to call a customer service representative to begin the upgrade process.

Building a Smart Home System is Easier with ONIT

At ONIT Home services, we understand it might seem challenging navigating the world of smart home automation. Taking the first steps to set up a smart home with Alexa can seem overwhelming and even stressful. Here at ONIT, you can count on us to simplify your journey by providing all the technical knowledge and services you need. 

Our team of security experts has years of experience helping families live comfortable and simpler lives with smart home security systems. Our services are transparent, and we only deal with the most trustworthy vendors. Request a free quote to find out more about how we can help you today.

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