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Know What’s Happening at Home With Qolsys Home Security Panel

a qolsys iq panel 4 home security panel showing who disarmed the home security system
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Security is a sought-after luxury in our modern world. The average person needs a way to protect their house from threats.  Coming home to broken windows, raided cabinets, and missing belongings is a nightmare. Skip the potential for a home invasion and invest in a security system. Johnson Control responds to these concerns with its models of home security panels. The IQ Panel 2 was patented in 2016 and is an award-winning home security panel. When you decide to use your IQ, Johnson will defend your home with its revolutionary software.

IQ Panel 2

Looking for a reliable panel system? Meet the IQ Panel 2. This is known for the vast security capacities and the technological advancements. It comes with a seven inch high definition touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, and can connect with multiple smart devices for ease of access. Qolsys updates the panel software often, so you can be assured that you will have better protection over time.

LTE Compatibility

Almost all phones nowadays have 4G or 5G connections so that users can make calls, send messages, and text at the best speeds available. Unfortunately, many of today’s home security panels lack this innovation and stay with dinosaur-esque 3G or lower networks. The IQ Panel 2 adapts to the modern era with LTE coverage! You can arm your house from afar and cut out the need for a middle man to secure your house when you are on vacation. This technology won’t fall asleep on the job.

Bluetooth System

Is finding your keys a daily struggle? Wouldn’t it be easier to just use your smartphone to disarm your security system when you arrive at your doorstep? That is exactly what the IQ Panel 2 does for its users. You can connect up to five devices to the Bluetooth system. If you are working overtime and can’t open the door for your children or family, they can use their devices to open the door while you’re away.


The digital age has brought dangers unforeseen in the world of security. Even those with an advanced security system run the risk of hackers exploiting unencrypted devices. Think of encryption as an electronic force field. Many home security panels aren’t able to be patched with encryption signal. This then becomes rendered useless for users. IQ has an exceptional encryption network so that your house is defended against hackers.

5MP Camera

Do you want to personalize your security system? IQ Panel 2 has you covered with a 5MP Camera. You can assign unique codes for each member of your household and hold a two-way conversation through the camera. If you want to ensure the safety of your family, you can view high-quality images of their surroundings and have the pictures sent to your phone via text. You’ll rest easy knowing that your children are safe with these home security panels.

a closeup of the qolsys iq panel camera offering a home security system in tablet form

Camera Versatility

IQ Panel 2s have versatile cameras that can function in many settings. With an Alarm.com account, you have access to numerous security camera models. The 722 is better for outdoor purposes while the 522 is suited for the doorbell and indoor spaces. If you desire to record for a 24 hour period, the Alarm.com camera will hold video as long as your device has memory space. The 522 model provides live audio but the 722 doesn’t possess this feature.

Dual-Path Connectivity

A solid connection to the Internet is never guaranteed. Those in tropical environments may suffer from seasonal hurricanes that wreck their LTE connection. Disastrous weather can leave many houses unprotected for this reason. Looters can find your defenseless home as a good place to ravage. This home security panel solves this issue by allowing for dual-path connectivity to both Wi-Fi and LTE. If one falls, the other will pick up the slack.

Z-Wave Plus

This is a function that sets the IQ Panel 2 above the competition in terms of control. Using your connected device, you can access up to 128 smart devices in your home. This list includes garage openers, thermostats, light switches, locks, and countless more. If you are a forgetful person who forgets to lock their door on a regular basis, you will be relieved to know that you can lock your door with the press of a button.

Dual Microphones

Every home security panel under the IQ Panel 2 model comes with a set of dual microphones. A quad-core processor works with the panel for efficiency purposes. If a burglar tries to break open your windows, the IQ will detect the sound and alert you wirelessly. Even if your child accidentally hurls a baseball into your window, you will still be alerted that your glass is broken so that you know right away.


The finishing touch on this fine piece of machinery is geofencing. The IQ Panel 2 can sense your vehicle when it leaves its virtual geofence. You can trigger automated processes from within your house while you are gone. Do you want to preheat the oven as you head to the grocery store? If your oven has Bluetooth, it can be preheated using the automating features of the IQ Panel 2.

Assembling the IQ Panel 2

Assembling this home security panel can be achieved using a wall, or it can be mounted on your table. For further information on assembly and Bluetooth connecting, you can consult this PDF.

Overall, the IQ Panel 2 has:

  • Geofencing.
  • Dual microphones for detecting break-ins.
  • LTE connectivity and dual-path.
  • Z-Wave Plus control.
  • Quality camera and touch screen.
  • Bluetooth for five phones.
  • Encryption security.
  • Automated control.
  • Regular updates.

Do you prefer a more advanced model to defend your premises? Are you willing to cash in on a home security panel that is worth the cost? Then you should try our next-generation security system that builds off Panel 2 and expands on its sophistication: the IQ Panel 4.

IQ Panel 4

The IQ Panel 4 is the latest model of the IQ Panel series. It’s set for international release in Quarter 4 of 2021.  Currently, this product is in a soft release and was made available in America to Americans this summer. It comes with all of Panel 2’s features and boasts a bevy of upgrades.

Qualcomm Processor

The IQ Panel 4 comes equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Processor that allows for greater connectivity and speed with its paired devices. The senior vice president of Qualcomm Technologies, Jeffrey Torrance, worked with Johnson Control to deliver an efficient security system for customers.

8MP Camera

On the heel of the Qolsys Panel 2’s camera, the Panel 4 has an eight-megapixel camera with the ability to adjust its angle for viewing photos. Live video can be streamed from the home security panel in case you feel like checking on your home from afar.


Do you want an innovative way to listen to your music? The new QuadSound speaker is packaged within the system’s hardware. With a Bluetooth connection, you can play music across your house. It’s a great option for events like birthdays and evening gatherings. Burglars won’t want to enter a house full of music, either, as it may be inhabited.


Do you want a superior encryption network than its predecessor? The Panel 4 provides a wide-range encrypting sensor featuring PowerG that is backward compatible with the security system that already exists in the house’s infrastructure.

A man wearing glasses looks down at his smartphone as he stands outside next to a red brick building.

Compact app with Alarm.com support

Johnson Controls and Alarm.com collaborated to make the IQ Panel 4 a simplistic security device with ease of access for its users. Many of its features are available in a single app and security panel. Some of the interactive services include residential, SMB, wellness, builder, and multifamily support.

SmartMount versatility.

Installing a new panel in your home is easier with SmartMount. You can choose between a wall mount or a table mount, like the previous model.

Overall, Qolsys’ latest home security panel has:

  • Backward compatible encryption network.
  • All of the features of the IQ Panel 2, but with upgrades.
  • SmartMouth installment.
  • Qualcomm processor for efficiency.
  • Alarm.com support.
  • 8MP camera with Flex-Tilt.
  • Live video feature.
  • Music streaming through Bluetooth.

a man looking at the qolsys iq panel 4 as someone drives off the driveway at home for security

Contact ONIT Home for Johnson Control Products, Previously Known as Qolsys

Johnson Controls, previously called Qolsys, has a selection of exceptional security systems for the public. The panels are technologically refined, have a wide range of features, and great options for connectivity. The IQ Panel 4 may not be available in your region, but even if it is, it has a higher price tag than IQ Panel 2. The second model is good for families with a budget to follow. Regardless of your financial situation, now is the time to secure your home. You can’t afford to leave your possessions unguarded from intruders when there is a brilliant option available to you in the form of these home security panels.

To find out how you can get equipped with top security deals, contact ONIT Home today. Visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331 to take advantages of top deals and security packages.

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