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Are Smart Locks Safe For My Home: A Pros and Cons Guide

Are smart locks safe for my home? Find out all you need to know about the electronic locking system. We break down the pros and cons of smart locks and compare the system with traditional lock and key systems.

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A Guide: How to Connect Ring Doorbell and Integrate With Amazon Alexa

If you've recently bought a new Ring Doorbell, you might be wondering the best ways to install it and program it to work with your Alexa. That's why we're here! This guide will help you step by step to make sure it's up and running in no time.

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How To Make A Smart Home: 6 Easy Steps For Transforming Your Home

Having a smart home is a fun way to integrate new technology into your household. Learn the six easy steps on how to make a smart home, starting today.

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Alexa Routines: How To Utilize Smart Home Scheduling In Your Daily Life

Having an Alexa routine helps you stay hands and device free, while consuming information or having daily routines set in place. Whether you're using it for an alarm clock, a bedtime story, or making sure your doors are locked, the Alexa routines will help improve productivity.

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How a Water Sensor or Freeze Sensor Can Prevent Frozen Pipes

Water sensors or freeze sensors are great tools that can give you insight to your home, whether or not you're there. Don't walk into a flood from pipes that burst open, know the status of your water through a smart home app.

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camera on yellow wall facing smart phone

DIY Security: How to Build a Custom Security System

Having a custom security system gives you the freedom you want, with the security advantages that you need. There are different types of equipment on the market, learn what brands you should consider.

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A white Amazon Echo Dot sits on top of a silver laptop in a rural setting.

How to Use Amazon Echo Dot to Improve Productivity

Not sure how Amazon Alexa can help you stay on top of things throughout your day? Here's some easy tips and tricks for using the Amazon Echo Dot to improve your productivity.

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closeup of honeywell smart thermostat at 68 degrees

Smart Thermostat Reviews: Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell Reviewed

Smart thermostats are all the rage, but which product should you go with? Know the ins and outs of Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell before you decide which product to buy. These reviews are based off installation, design, and overall functionality.

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What is a Smart Light Switch, and How Can It Advance Your Daily Life?

Smart light switches are a great option to add to your smart home. They have automation features, and can be controlled through several different applications. Learn more about why you should buy a smart light switch for your household.

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Make Sure Your House Doesn’t Look Empty With the Best Smart Lights

Having smart lights can make your house look like it is full and active, whether you're home on your couch, or thousands of miles away on vacation. All your lights can be controlled through a tap on your phone.

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Must Have Smart Home Gadgets For Tech Lovers This Holiday Season

With the holidays coming up, buying gifts for the ones we love is at the forefront of our minds. If you have a tech lover and you're not sure what to get them, look no further. Here is our list of the must have smart home gadgets for the ones you care about.

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Fact or Fiction: Do Smart Thermostats Save Money?

Having a smart thermostat can change the way you live in your home. These thermostats are easy to use, can be accessible from anywhere, and are worth your investment. The thermostats have great capabilities, and can even save you money annually.

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How To Use Smart Security To Stay Connected During COVID-19

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing might make it seem difficult to stay connected with friends and family. Here's how you can use the smart security devices in your home to maintain connection.

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