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What is a Smart Home Hub and Why Do I Need One?

If you've been thinking about adding convenience and comfort to your home with automation technology, then you've probably heard of smart hubs. But what is a smart hub, and why should you consider having one? Read to find out.

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How to Automate Your Home on a Budget: 4 Creative Ideas for Simplicity

A smart home can make managing your home much easier. But often we consider smart technology too expensive and out of reach. Discover how to automate your home without breaking the bank and with just a few items.

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How Do Smart Light Bulbs Work With Alexa: A Smart Home Guide

Installing smart bulbs in your home leads to a world of convenience that often reduces your energy usage, can improve your home’s security, and add an array of color to any room. But how do smart light bulbs work with Alexa for even more simplicity? Well, it’s easier than you think. Read for more!

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How to Set Up a Smart Home with Alexa: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Thanks to Amazon Alexa, homeowners can control and manage some of their favorite household items with just the sound of their voice. But how does one go about connecting the smart speaker with these items? Read to discover how to set up a smart home with Alexa.

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The Benefits of a Smart Light Switch

The first time I heard that there was an invention of a smart light switch, the young child me was just in shock. I remember as a young child one of the many ways to just erk my parents was to leave a light switch on all day, accidentally of course, but it happened often. […]

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Amazon Alexa sitting on top of a light brown table.

What Security Systems Work with Alexa: The Best Options For 2020

More than ever before, the internet has made it easier for homeowners to set up security systems that work with Alexa. If you’ve been wondering what security systems work with Alexa, then this post is meant for you. Other than getting weather forecasts and playing music, you can now go hands-free with your home security […]

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