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What Security Systems Work with Alexa: Top Automation Ideas

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More than ever before, the internet has made it easier for homeowners to set up security systems that work with Alexa. If you’ve been wondering what security systems work with Alexa, then this post is meant for you.

Other than getting weather forecasts and playing music, you can now go hands-free with your home security system. Amazon’s Alexa functions seamlessly to remotely control your door locks, lights, lawnmowers, thermostats, and vacuums.

There are many established home security brands with outstanding features that make life easier while keeping your home safe. Alexa is an excellent helper in running any connected devices, which include smart home security systems.

SimpliSafe Home Security System

If you’re looking to monitor and secure your home without signing up for long-term contracts, SimpliSafe Home Security System is the best option for you. The system is well-priced and easy to set up and use.

The SimpliSafe app has several cool features, although you have to pay to use it. With this, you’ll have the opportunity to arm your home security system with a simple voice command, whether you’re home or away.

Some “away” mode commands for this system can include:

  • Instructing SimpliSafe to turn on
  • Telling the system when you’re leaving
  • Asking the SimpliSafe to arm your system in Away Mode

SimpliCam Features

  • Two-way audio
  • Motion detection
  • Night vision
  • 720p resolution
  • Cloud storage for the first one month
  • 120º field of vision


  • Month-by-month contracts
  • Money-back guarantee for the first 60 days
  • Affordable hardware
  • Customizable equipment
  • No contracts


  • Mobile access has an expensive plan
  • Little home automation integration

ADT Smart Home

With ADT Smart Home System, you can control your home automation, security system, and home entertainment. You can ask Alexa to arm or disarm your smart home system, lock or unlock doors or turn your home lights on and off.

The Alexa voice command is the easiest way to access the ADT mobile app. You only need to call up Alexa on your smartphone and choose one of the many available skills.


  • The system can listen to your co-detectors and local smoke
  • ADT Smart Home can use glass break detector
  • You can apply different lighting schedules
  • You can control multiple functions of your security system with Alexa
  • Alexa Guard integration
  • Nine monitoring centers
  • Easy set-up


  • Cost more for smart home controls
  • Mandatory contract

Vivint Smart Home

Homeowners with Vivint can talk to Alexa through Vivint’s Alexa skill. With this skill, you can connect to your Vivint Smart Home using the Amazon Alexa app.

Smart Home Features You Can Control Using Amazon Alexa:

  • Smart Security: You can ask Alexa if your home security system is enabled. You can then arm the system to “away” or “stay” mode.
  • Light Control: You can ask Alexa to turn on, dim, or turn off lights according to your needs.
  • Smart Door Locks: You can find out whether your doors are locked. If not, ask Alexa to lock them.
  • Smart Thermostat: You can ask Alexa to adjust house temperatures by turning the fan on and off.


  • Professional installation
  • Enhanced in-house automation
  • Smartphone app that is user-friendly
  • No exact or pre-determined pricing plan
  • Uses advanced technology that is inventive


  • Vivint Smart Home comes with a five-year contract
  • A bit expensive compared to other security systems that work with Alexa

A Ring doorbell camera installed next to a bright blue front door.

Ring Alarm Security System

Launched in 2018, the Ring Alarm Security System has grown to become a household name. The system lets you link different security sensors to ensure your home is always protected.

After purchasing the Ring Alarm Security, you can easily connect it to Alexa for voice functionality.

How to Use Alexa to Control Your Ring Alarm Security System:

  1. Open your Alexa app on your phone
  2. On the top left of the app, tap the horizontal bars
  3. Head to the Skill & Games option
  4. On the search bar, enter Ring 
  5. Ring will appear on the results, after which you’ll tap the Enable button
  6. Log into your Ring Alarm security account to link Ring devices to Alexa


  • Affordable
  • Has a vast range of cameras
  • No contract is required


  • Not compatible with most equipment from other brands

Frontpoint Home Security System

If you usually get to bed and forget to arm your Frontpoint home security system, there is some good news for you. Frontpoint works with Alexa and can handle a wide range of commands.

Similar to the other security systems, you can connect your Alexa devices to Frontpoint systems using its mobile application. These are the full steps:

  • Within the Alexa app, login with the account associated with your smart speaker
  • Select the “skills” tab on the lefthand side
  • Search for “Frontpoint” within the search bar
  • Select the Frontpoint skill
  • Enable the skill
  • Log in with your account and select “allow”.

This can take a few minutes, but once everything is running normally, you’ll have the opportunity to use it for different needs. Depending on your Frontpoint package, you can use Alexa to light your home, control access, among other things. For more information of the range of commands you can use, read more on with this great resource


  • Simple DIY installation
  • Superior customer services


  • Short company history

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Your Home Is More Secure With ONIT Smart Home

ONIT Smart Home offers a wide range of advanced security services to protect your home. Some of these services include smart locks, motion sensors, security cameras, control panels, home automation technology, and much more. 

If you’re looking for maximum security for your home, ONIT’s diverse catalog of smart devices has you covered. Combining smart security with our 24/7 professional monitoring makes it possible to rest easy knowing your entire home is secure and easier for you to control. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can enhance your home security. You can also contact us online to learn more about our modern, high-quality security systems.

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