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The Best Non Toxic Cookware To Buy For Your Home

a woman cooking in her kitchen using pots and pans and potentially toxic cookware if it is using teflon
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This review can serve as a shopping guide when you decide to head to your local department store and investigate the purchase of some of the best non toxic cookware. Most homemakers put this task off indefinitely because it breaks up the kitchen routine considerably.

Most people do not discard old cookware and buy new replacements very often. That means it has to be something that is intentionally planned out and pursued. This is not a spur-of-the-moment purchase, and that’s a good thing because it does require a little research. We’ve done much of the research for you, and identified the best non toxic cookware on the market, so you can shorten up the project, and get right down to the considering and purchasing phases.

Here’s something you may want to consider about making a purchase. If your current cookware is several years old, you may already be serving toxic chemicals to your family. These would be in the form of substances that leech off your pans into the food you prepare. Tiny particles of cooking surface chemicals may already be getting into the foods you prepare. Happy shopping!

a person making food on a wok cookware that could have teflon making it toxic cookware

What Makes Cookware Toxic?

Many types of cookware on the market today can become toxic when the coating starts to degrade, and that is inevitable with regular usage. Most non-stick coatings have some kind of chemical content. When these begin to deteriorate, tiny bits will make their way into the foods being fried or cooked in those pans.


Teflon is a good example. It has become fairly popular over the years because it has a good non-stick coating and it’s inexpensive to buy. However, it contains chemicals that are harmful both to the environment and to human consumers. Makers of Teflon cookware have tried several times to clean up this chemical composition. However, it is simply not possible to manufacture this type of cookware without including those toxic chemicals.

You should be aware that there are only two types of non-stick cookware: Teflon and Ceramic. All those non-stick coatings you hear advertised as having stone, granite, or titanium surfaces are just smoke screens. They cover up the fact that all those are just additives to a Teflon or Ceramic-based coating. You should also keep in mind that virtually all Teflon coatings contain some kinds of chemicals.

The saving grace to all this is that many of the chemicals used in the manufacture of cookware are limited to the exterior of the pans. Fortunately, those surfaces do not come in contact with the food being prepared. The cooking surface of the pan is all you have to be concerned about. Most modern cookware does not allow a high degree of interaction between the cooking surface and food.

So where does that leave you? Be especially wary when buying non-stick coated cookware, because those are the pans likeliest to contain toxic chemicals. Most Teflon coatings do contain some level of toxic chemicals. Luckily, they can only be passed on to food when the coating begins to break down. So if you’re looking to buy the best non toxic cookware, try to find out how long it will last before deteriorating.

a woman collecting a water sample for PFAS contamination

What Are Forever Chemicals?

You may have heard the term ‘forever chemicals’ in connection with non-stick cookware coatings. The technical term for these chemicals is perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs), and they include Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA).

These chemicals are classified as persistent, meaning they do not break down. So if they enter your body through your water supply or a non-stick pan coating and food, they will simply accumulate over time. While this doesn’t usually build up to harmful levels, it is certainly possible. It’s more likely if a person is ingesting PFAs through both their water and their food supply.

When you’re out shopping for the best non toxic cookware, try to avoid products that have PFAs included on the label. It’s never a good idea to build up these forever chemicals in your body because eventually, they could cause some health issues.

The Best Non-Stick Cookware

Now that you have a good idea of what to avoid when shopping for cookware, let’s focus a bit on what you should be looking for. Below are our “best of” winners in several categories of cookware. You probably can’t go wrong when buying any of these brands, so it may boil down to a simple matter of preference. Some cookware requires more extensive cleaning operations. Pricing is also usually an issue, so keep in mind the criteria that are important to you and choose accordingly.


Greenpan is one of the best non toxic cookware examples, and it’s a non-stick type of cookware that uses a silicon-based coating known as Thermalon. This coating is scratch-resistant and slippery and will not release harmful chemicals into your food. The company markets several different cookware packages, the most popular of which is the Greenpan Venice Pro 2-piece set, which includes a 10-inch skillet along with a 12-inch skillet, both of which have a stainless-steel finish. In addition, these two skillets and all the cookware marketed by Greenpan are safe for your dishwasher.

Caraway Ceramic Set

The Caraway Ceramic set is a very stylish set of cookware that will be terrific to work with. It comes in appealing colors, like calming green or brownish rose. This ceramic non-stick cookware is capable of handling temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. It can go from your stove top right into your oven, all without leaching any undesirable chemicals into your food. You can use all pieces in the Caraway line of cookware with both gas and electric ranges. They’re packaged in environmentally conscious recyclable materials. The cookware is easy to clean, but you should avoid using any metal cooking utensils with it because that can damage the coating.

an overview of a kitchen with an oven, sink, microwave, and hanging pots and pans

Our Place Cookware

Anyone who’s on a budget might be well served by purchasing the Always Pan manufactured by Our Place. This is an extremely versatile 10-inch skillet made from ceramic-coated aluminum. You can substitute it successfully for as many as eight different pieces of cookware. It also comes with a spatula that has a spoon rest, a lid, and a nesting steamer basket. By the way, you can save a ton of space by not storing a full-blown 10 or 12-piece cookware set. This single pan can effectively replace several others. It’s easy to clean and store, and it comes in a variety of colors which further enhance its appeal.

The Scanpan

This is a pan that professional chefs recommend highly because they love its cooking properties. This cookware is manufactured by a Danish company, and it has a non-stick coating that heats evenly. This piece of cookware is safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so all standard cooking practices in the kitchen will be safe with this pan. The finish on this pan looks like stainless steel, but it has a micro-textured ceramic titanium finish. This is great for searing and is 100% safe for the foods that you prepare and serve your family. You don’t have to start out buying an entire set of Scanpan cookware. At first, it might be better to try any of the skillets in their extensive line of cookware pans. This pan is dishwasher safe and is perfect for searing because of its non-stick surface.

All-Clad Stainless Steel

This cookware frequently ends up on wedding registries, because it’s as visually appealing as it is functional. Like most stainless-steel cookware, it’s not coated with any kind of non-stick material. However, you can cause it to behave that way by spraying it with a non-stick coating before cooking. This stainless-steel pan is safe for both the oven and the dishwasher. It will even resist scratching if you were to accidentally use a metal spatula or spoon on it. It heats up quickly, it has no hot spots, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. That means you can’t go wrong by purchasing any of the cookware pieces in this line. One of the most popular individual pieces in this product line is the Weeknight Pan. This particular pan has high sides and a good cooking surface that can be ideal for simmering, searing, sauteing, and braising. Use some cooking spray or a little cooking oil, and it will behave just like a non-stick pan.

pan on gas range boiling water

Keep Your Home Chemical Free With ONIT Home Water Filtration

You certainly wouldn’t knowingly serve your family foods that contain chemicals, even those small amounts from your non-stick coating pans. By the same token, you wouldn’t want family members drinking water that contains contaminants that could adversely affect their health. To be sure your water supply is chemical-free and 100% healthy for consumption, contact ONIT, the leader in home water filtration systems. More than 99% of all pollutants are removed from your household water supply when you install an ONIT filtration system. Visit us online or give us a call today at 1-833-433-0331

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