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Why You Should Get Free Water Testing: Improve Your Home Source

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While you can find water just about everywhere, clean water can be harder to find. Go fill up a clear glass of water from your kitchen faucet. Look straight into it, maybe hold it up to the light. Do you see anything? Chances are, you probably don’t see anything out of the normal spectrum, and that’s the problem. 

Without getting water testing done, there’s no clear way to tell what could be in your water at home. Here at ONIT, we can offer free water testing for your home. Free water testing is your only guaranteed way to know exactly what is in your water. Without getting this test, there could be chemicals lurking in your water that you have no idea about. 

EPA Standards

When it comes to our water quality, some may feel at ease knowing that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) puts standards for what can be in our tap water. But, how would you feel knowing that those standards are decades old? Those standards don’t include proper contaminant levels that have been linked to cancer, brain damage, hormone disruption/fertility issues, or nervous system problems. 

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If you have kids at home, you should get your water tested to see your levels of lead. The 2014 Flint Water Crisis brought lead contamination to the headlines, but not much has changed since then as far as making sure that water doesn’t have levels of it. There are still cities that have lead in the pipes contaminating the water. While lead doesn’t affect adults as much, it can be detrimental to children. Kids that are exposed to high levels of lead are at risk for developmental and behavioral problems later in life. We often hear of the risks of lead paint, and it is just as important to understand the risks of lead in your water. 

Free water testing gives you an inside look at the makeup of your water, which is critical information. Afterall, this water is used to clean your clothes, wash your dishes, and for hygienic purposes. It takes a lot of work to keep a house clean, so make sure that the water you’re using is safe, as well. 

Legal Standards Does Not Mean Healthy and Clean

It is important to know exactly how the contaminants and chemicals in your water can affect your health. There are common contaminants found in most water systems in America. Scary chemicals like Arsenic, Lead, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), and Nitrate could be in your water, and coating your clothes, food and dishes. 

The levels of cleanliness in your water should not simply go in accordance with the outdated EPA standards. The level of contaminants should be based on standards that follow the newest scientific studies, and should be updated in practice. Instead of health standards, some cities follow EPA health “goals” as an updated, unofficial level of standards.

However, not all the cities meet those health goals and there could still be harmful levels in your water. If you’re curious what kind of chemicals are in a city’s water, you can find out here. However, the levels only show the average for the city, so your home could have different variables.  To best protect yourself, you should set up free water testing to see what is in your water, and then how to combat those chemicals and enjoy the cleanest water you can have. 

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Free Water Testing

How To Schedule Your Appointment

Easy! Click here to set up your appointment. You can also call us at 1-833-433-0331. 

The Process of Free Water Testing

  1. First, we will set up at your kitchen sink and take a sample of the water.
  2. While waiting on those results, we can share information about the water treatment process. This includes the equipment for an at home water filtration system, and the process in which it works. 
  3. You’ll have your results before the appointment is over!

What We Can Find Out

During the free water testing, we can find out the levels of contaminants in your water. Here are the common chemicals that we look for:

  • Arsenic
  • Copper
  • Bacteria
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Ammonia 
  • Trihalomethanes
  • Fluoride
  • Aluminum

Our free water testing is commitment free, but we always recommend that homes are equipped with the right filtration system. These are chemicals that can be filtered out through a water filtration system.

Why Choose An At-Home Water Filtration System

There are amazing benefits to having a water filtration system at home. Some health benefits include increased metabolism, better digestion, and softer hair and skin. Having safe water is essential for daily living. You utilize the water in your home is for cooking, washing your children, and cleaning clothes. It’s crucial to have the cleanest water you can have, so you don’t have long term effects from contaminated water. 

In order to have the best water, you should take advantage of free water testing. Even if your home is already filtered, get the free test in order to see what you’re getting out of your faucet. We look forward to scheduling an appointment with you, and securing your home with the best filtration system possible! 

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