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What’s Inside a Water Test Kit And How Do I Use It?

One of the first steps to enjoying cleaner water at home is to test your H2O using a water test kit. We review common DIY water test kits, what's inside, and what they most commonly test for.

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Why It’s Safer To Use a Glass Water Bottle Over a Plastic Bottle

Having a glass water bottle is actually the safest option in the world of reusable bottles. They keep you safe from chemicals and are perfectly dishwasher safe. Find out different brands and why you should get your hands on a glass water bottle today.

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The Best Post Workout Drink to Hydrate and Fuel Your Body

After finishing a tough workout, don't grab a sugary sports drink! Instead, find a better and healthier way to fuel and energize your body. Here are our top choices for a post workout drink to try today.

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Gatorade vs Water: Which is Better At Quenching Thirst?

Is Gatorade better at quenching your thirst and keeping you hydrated, or is water the better option? We review Gatorade vs water to help you decide.

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Tips for Going Green Around Your Home to Save Money and the Planet

Looking for ways to go green? Look no further. Here's our guide to changes you can make around the home to help minimize your carboon footprint.

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a man filling up a glass of water after using a home water filtration system

How a Home Water Filtration System Can Save You $870 a Year

Switching your household to a whole-home water filtration system can help save you money, and lessen your environmental impact. See how switching to an ONIT home water filtration system can save you up to $870/year.

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a laptop with google on the homepage and a cell phone on the table

“How My Startup Uses AI to Reimagine Water Utilities” on Google: ONIT’s Reaction

Google recently highlighted Varuna, a start-up transforming the way we think about water distribution utilities. As a company also dedicated to ensuring there's safe drinking water for our communities, we're inspired by the actions of Varuna and the new technology they’ve presented. Here are our takeaways.

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Water boiling in a small pan. Shot from up and in slow motion

Boil Water Notice Ending? Here’s What to Do Next. 

After the water boil notice has expired, you'll need to take these necessary steps to ensure that your water is safe for you and your family.

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Hurst, Texas: Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

Hurst, Texas: Do you know what's in your water? Between local contaminants and the pipes in your home, you could be unknowingly drinking hundreds of contaminants.

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Grapevine Water: Does this Dallas Suburb Have Clean Water?

Grapevine water quality standards are below what the Environmental Working Group suggests. What chemicals are found in the water, and how can this be fixed?

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How Does Climate Change Affect Water Quality: Hurricanes

Climate change is affecting our weather patterns: catastrophic hurricanes are more frequent, and storms are more severe. How do these events affect our water quality?

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Understanding the Importance of Water Quality for Agriculture

An increase in agriculture means a decrease in water quality. Learn how our high demands on our agriculture and leading to lowered quality in our fresh water systems.

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How to Find Reliable and Safe Water Filters Online

Online shopping is a great tool- but how do you make sure that your products are legitimate, and not counterfeit? Follow these tips to make sure your water filters are reliable and safe.

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