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Are Water Fountains Filtered: Understanding Your Public Water Source

Are the water fountains you use filtered? Before you take a sip, find out what is in your public water source.

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Why is Water Quality Important for My Family: Benefits of Clean Water

Most of us want access to clean water. But why is water quality important for your home? And what are common contaminants we should be aware of? Read for answers and tips for treating your water.

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The Best Hard Water Shampoo to Fight Frizzy Hair

Hard water can be rough on our hair and scalp, drying both out while leaving our strands dull and lifeless. Maintain moisture in your hair with these hard water shampoos that work to defend your hair and scalp from hard water minerals.

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Well Water vs City Water: Which is Safer For My Home?

When moving into a new home, one of the big questions to consider is your water source. Properties with access to well water might have you weighing the pros and cons between well water vs city water. Some families might have a general confusion as to what well water is. Read for a complete breakdown.

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Why is Filtered Water Better Than Tap Water?

How much water is used in the United States? Water is one of the most vital substances in the world, yet purified and filtered water is rare to find when you travel around the world, let alone in your own home’s tap water. As it pertains to our country, the United States uses an average […]

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Salt crystals sitting on a brown surface.

How Much Salt In Water Softener: A Guide For Using Your Appliance

Every homeowner needs to make sure they have safe water to cook with and drink. One system you might use to achieve quality water is a water softener. But after purchasing the appliance, you may wonder how much salt you need in the water softener. When it comes to determining how much salt in water […]

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A blond woman is drinking water from a glass cup.

5 Critical Signs You Need Hard Water Treatment At Home

Even if you have never lived in a home with hard water before, you will detect that something is wrong right away once you do. If you recently moved to an area like Grand Prairie TX or Fort Worth TX, you can quickly taste the poor water quality. Regardless of where you live, you need […]

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Water coming through a faucet at a kitchen sink.

How To Get Cleaner Water With Whole Home UV Water Treatment

Clean water is essential for the good health of you, your family and your pets. It also plays a key role in preserving your appliances and keeping your clothes clean. Whole home UV water treatment is a solution that removes troublesome microorganisms from your home’s water supply. What is UV Water Treatment?  Ultraviolet (UV) rays […]

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5 Best Home Water Treatment Systems For The Whole Home

The best home water treatment systems  for the whole home are those that remove virtually all bacteria, heavy metals, viruses and other pathogens from your household water. Investing in this type of system offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family’s drinking water is free from harmful elements. It can also save […]

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