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Hurst, Texas: Do You Know What’s in Your Tap Water?

Hurst, Texas: Do you know what's in your water? Between local contaminants and the pipes in your home, you could be unknowingly drinking hundreds of contaminants.

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Grapevine Water: Does this Dallas Suburb Have Clean Water?

Grapevine water quality standards are below what the Environmental Working Group suggests. What chemicals are found in the water, and how can this be fixed?

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How Does Climate Change Affect Water Quality: Hurricanes

Climate change is affecting our weather patterns: catastrophic hurricanes are more frequent, and storms are more severe. How do these events affect our water quality?

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Understanding the Importance of Water Quality for Agriculture

An increase in agriculture means a decrease in water quality. Learn how our high demands on our agriculture and leading to lowered quality in our fresh water systems.

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How to Find Reliable and Safe Water Filters Online

Online shopping is a great tool- but how do you make sure that your products are legitimate, and not counterfeit? Follow these tips to make sure your water filters are reliable and safe.

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Top Pet Water Fountain Filters & Bowls for Your Furry Friend

Having an animal means you're responsible for giving them the safest food and water. Providing your furry best friend with a filtered water fountain bowl insures that they stay happy, healthy, and hydrated.

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Cheap Water Filters: Do They Even Work or is it a Waste of Money?

Buying cheap water filters might seem like the better option in regards to saving money. However, these cheaper filters might not be strong enough, or could even be counterfeit.

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How to Test Water Quality At Home

Testing your water can help you understand what is in your tap water and any contaminants you could be exposed to. You can test you water quality at home through professional help or a DIY test. Learn which option is best for you.

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Tasty Lemon Water Recipe to Help Balance and Restore

Tired of drinking plain water and wanting a new flavor to enhance your hydration? Look no further! Here are four lemon water recipes that are equally tasty and healthy.

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Water Break Reading: What is Water Quality Measuring?

Water quality is important to know and understand. There are multiple factors that can affect your water's quality, find out those factors and more.

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How Long Do Water Filters Last: Know When You Should Replace Them

If you have a water filter, make sure you know how long it lasts and when you should replace it. Old filters can hold bacteria, giving you more contaminants in your water.

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Under the Microscope: Atlanta Water Quality and How it Affects Health

Learn about Atlanta water quality, the contaminants found in the water and the health risks that it poses. Instead of drinking from the tap, learn how a water filtration system can help make sure you're drinking the safest water possible.

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Can Salt Water Be Filtered: What You Should Know Before You Try

Did you know that drinking salt water can be deadly? Learn more about how to purify salt water so it is clean for you to drink.

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