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The Cost and Health Benefits of Filtering Tap Water

Water streaming from a metal sink faucet.
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The human body consists of approximately 60% water. This percentage varies from person to person according to age, gender, and location. Regardless, the water we carry is constantly shed and needs replacement to stay alive. Some foods we eat contain water, but living beings require water to survive. Without it, our bodies develop various problems and, depending on the amount of time without replenishment, we can die of thirst. To fulfill our needs, let’s address the benefits of filtering tap water.

The Purpose of Water

Obviously, water was cleaner in ancient times due to the lack of chemicals that we use in everything. It was, however, much harder to find and use. People carried it from a river or lake for consumption because there were no pipes or aquifers like we have today. Or, if living further from a water source, they would collect rainwater for use in cooking or baths. In our modern world, we can simply turn on the faucet and take that for granted. We know that water is essential because of the following:

  • Water is the body’s transportation system. It carries proteins and carbohydrates from metabolized food to different areas of the body for use.
  • It also delivers oxygen all over the body.
  • Water serves as a regulator of body temperature. It aids in perspiration and respiration.
  • Our main body organs are primarily water, as are skin and bones. This helps to protect and cushion from injury. Also, many of the body’s organs use water for various tasks. For example, the brain needs water to assist in the growth of hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • The joints in the body require lubrication, and water is part of that process.
  • Every cell in the human body demands water to survive, grow, and reproduce.
  • Without water, our mouth cannot produce saliva. Saliva is necessary for digestion.
  • There is a moist lining inside many of the body’s cavities, such as the nose, stomach, and mouth. If water were low or non-existent, these areas couldn’t function.
  • Water acts as a flushing system to remove impurities and unused waste.

glass water bottle in the sand

The Bottled Water Revolution

As far back as the 1850s, people drank water sold in glass bottles. At that time, it was mainly among the wealthy, as glass was expensive and plastic was not yet widely used. Glass bottled waters were served in expensive resorts and country clubs. But as the 19th century moved on, the expense of glass became less of a factor, plastic entered the scene, and the bottled water revolution began.

With a rift in sales as clean water became more available in most areas, bottled water manufacturers started specializing and marketing more aggressively. The French company, Perrier, decided to become more competitive and play on the baby boomer generation’s concentration on healthy alternatives. Comparing the sparkling water’s pureness to saccharin-filled sodas, Perrier made a comeback.

Amidst a scandal about Perrier’s sparkling water carrying trace amounts of benzene, its sales plummeted, and Nestle later purchased it. Over the next several years, many bottled water companies developed, and the war between city water and bottled water ensued. In recent years, flavored and vitamin waters drove sales higher as the ever health-conscious population grew. The question is, do we have better water because of all of this, or is it simply a gimmick to push buyers to spend more money?

The Benefits of Filtering Tap Water

The average American spends $324 a year on bottled water. It has become the norm to grab a bottle of water on your way out the door, but is it the right way to go? Some consumers have water delivered to their homes, but this is expensive and requires more planning. There are many benefits of filtering tap water versus purchasing bottled water or using a water delivery service.

Plastic Water Bottles

Most bottled water comes packaged in plastic. Plastic contains harmful chemicals that can leach into the water in the bottle, particularly if the bottle is allowed to get too hot. Also, plastic bottles create more landfill waste and are hurting ocean life. Environmentally speaking, plastic water bottles are not a great choice.

Filtered water is as safe, or safer than many bottled waters and has a much lower price tag. The source of bottled water is often from the same places that tap water comes from, but it isn’t monitored or tested by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for providing the standards for bottled water while the EPA tests tap water.

Water Treatment

Keep in mind that many of the terms used on bottled water are not regulated. You may see a description like ‘glacier’ or ‘mountain’ water, and it isn’t necessarily a pure or uncontaminated source. Bottled water is also usually treated with chemicals to ensure potability and protect consumers from harmful microorganisms.

Tap water can quickly and easily become just the right balance of minerals needed for your body to operate at maximum water requirements. Through the installation of a whole-home water filtration system, tap water becomes just what your body needs. City water contains chlorine to help protect against the bacteria that is in the water. Use an ONIT whole-home filtration system, and you get clean pure water. The use of filtered tap water means delicious coffee, tea, and food.

Delivery Services

Water delivery services mean someone has to be home for the delivery, and you still have the giant plastic bottle. Although these bottles can be reused, it is vital that the water delivery service treats and cleans them correctly.

With clean tap water, there are no more bottles sitting around or needing to be recycled. This equates to less work for you and a better choice for the environment.

Our water filtration system removes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, debris, and more to give you, your family, and pets clear, refreshing water. With pure filtered water, you get cleaner, softer hair and skin and it prevents eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.

water poured into a clear glass with blue sky in the background

Save With Filtered Water

Filtered water is a healthier version of your tap water. Above, we listed many health reasons for switching to filtered water. Next, let’s discuss the benefits of filtering tap water and how to save money by installing this type of equipment in your home.

Tap water is extremely inexpensive and is already running in your home. Adding a filtration system is the least expensive way to provide ongoing clean, pure water for your whole house. With our system, you will save money because you won’t be buying bottled water.

To avoid buildup in appliances and pipes, a water filtration system removes added chemicals and higher amounts of minerals. This means plumbing appliances and pipes last a lot longer with filtered tap water running through them. Filtered water also equates to softer water. Softer water means less detergent and cleaning products (about 50%), so you save money on these items.

Water that is filtered means you save on your electricity bill. Your water heater won’t need to work nearly as hard to heat softer water as it does for hard water. Scale buildup makes the water heater work harder. With filtered water, you will experience reduced scale buildup. This means your water heater will last longer.

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