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Why It’s Safer To Use a Glass Water Bottle Over a Plastic Bottle

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There are so many different options for water bottles on the market. Whether those water bottles are glass, plastic, or stainless steel, there is one that reigns supreme over the rest. Which one is top tier? Easy, a glass water bottle is the best choice for reusable water bottles. It’s ranked the best for a few reasons, including chemical safety, durability, and taste. 

At this point, almost everyone has at least one reusable water bottle. For some, it could be a whole cabinet full of eco-friendly options because they’re given away as party favors, wedding gifts, or even just a trip to the dentist’s office. 

Why Have a Reusable Water Bottle? 

Reusable water bottles are better for the environment in the ways that plastic bottles are bad for the environment. Reusable water bottles take less oil to produce plastic bottles. This helps reduce our carbon footprint and lessen the mounting burden that plastic bottles have on our landfills and oceans. 

Glass Can’t Leach Chemicals Like Plastic Does

What is Leaching?

This isn’t to be confused with leeches, but you can think of them as pretty similar. We know that leeches draw out blood, but leaching has to do with chemical reactions. You’ll often hear the phrase “leaching out metals” or “leaching plastic.” Leaching in these scenarios is related to a transfer or leaking of chemicals from the plastic onto the food or beverage it contains. This means that chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and polycarbonate are in your water and absorbed by your body. 

We tend to assume that because these chemicals are in our everyday items that they are okay for us and approved by the FDA. Understandably so, we tend to trust those that are in charge! However, BPA has been proved to have negative effects on our bodies. You’ll often find that items that are totally BPA free are child and baby products, but not adults. That’s because there are more regulations for children’s products than the everyday consumable.

So, what can BPA do to our system? 

Exposure to BPA becomes a concern due to potential health effects on the brain and issues with fetuses, infants and children. According to the Mayo Clinic, additional research on BPA has suggested there is a link between exposure and increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. 

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Let’s Talk Metal Water Bottles

Now that we’ve ruled out why plastic bottles aren’t ideal, we can focus on our other two options, glass and metal bottles. It’s easy to assume that metal water bottles are stainless steel, but this doesn’t always ring true. Oftentimes, metal water bottles are made from aluminum. No, not the foil. The aluminum water bottles aren’t as ideal as stainless steel. Aluminum isn’t safe to directly drink from, so they’re often lined with plastic. This goes back to our initial issue with plastic bottles: BPA. This is also living with the hope that your plastic lining isn’t compromised. If there’s a tear or disruption in the water bottle, you’re exposing yourself to the harsh metals in the aluminum bottle that the plastic lining was shielding you from.  

In discussing stainless steel bottles, it’s important to talk about the environmental impact that it takes in order to manufacture it. Harmful chemicals like ash, sulfur, and carbon are a byproduct of factory production. This creates pollution when making stainless steel bottles, as it emits high levels of carbon during the production process. On the plus side, the bottles are 100% recyclable! However, there just isn’t enough being recycled to create a continual production of stainless steel bottles sourced from recycled material. Therefore, production is nonstop with newly sourced materials. 

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Back to Glass Bottles, Why Are They Better?

Okay, okay. Back to the real reason you’re here. Glass water bottles. These products are made with at least partially recycled material, and just like the stainless steel, it is 100% recyclable. Glass has an unlimited lifespan, often melted and remelted into new forms in comparable condition. In using recycled material, companies shrink a carbon footprint by eliminating excess pollutants. 

Now Let’s Talk Durability

It’s an obvious concern about glass. Oftentimes, we associate glass with breaking and fragility. But, glass is a pretty durable choice for materials. Metal bottles dent and ding, plastic bottles crack and scratch, but glass bottles are designed with glass meant for durability. That means it isn’t going to be flimsy and easily breakable. But instead, it’s thick glass that can be paired with a decorative and protective sleeve, like this one found on Amazon. At the end of the day, treat your water bottle like your cell phone or laptop and you’ll be fine! 

Using a Glass Water Bottle Passes the Taste Test

Have you ever taken a sip out of a metal water bottle and felt like your mouth tasted like pennies? That’s what you’re getting with that water bottle. Instead, a glass water bottle doesn’t retain any flavors! The glass water bottle gives you the perfect cold and refreshing sip of water that we’re all looking forward to when we are thirsty. Since it doesn’t retain any flavor, you don’t have to worry about infusing your water with fresh fruit or a flavor enhancer and tasting it for days after. 

Additional Benefits to a Glass Water Bottle

Let’s talk about convenience. Plastic water bottles and metal water bottles can’t go in the dishwasher. Which means we’re constantly washing them by hand. While it doesn’t seem annoying in theory, in practice it can become inconvenient to wash the same bottle by hand all the time, wondering if you’re even keeping it totally sanitized. Or, it’s easy to slip your mind and continue refilling the bottle, leaving you with the potential for mold or bacteria to form. Instead, glass water bottles are dishwasher safe, allowing you to pop it in the dishwasher and you’re ready to go whenever it’s done. Additionally, no need to worry about sanitization, as the bottles will be nice and sanitized after a run through the dishwasher. 

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Different Glass Water Bottle Options For Purchase

When you’re buying a glass water bottle, there are a few things you should consider before purchasing. There are both wide-mouth and narrow mouth options. So if you’re someone who likes to fill ice cubes in your bottle, opt for a wide-mouth. Or, if you’re someone who prefers smaller sips, go for the narrow. Some bottles offer screw top designs, carry loops, or push buttons to open. 

The last thing to consider is how big of a bottle you’re looking for. For kids, opt for smaller sizes such as 16 ounces. For adults, you’ll probably want to look at 20 ounces or higher, depending on how often you’ll fill up your bottle and how heavy of a bottle you’re willing to carry around. 


These water bottles range in price from $24-$58,  offering different sizes, colors, and sleeve options. BKR Bottles are meant to last with durability, shatter-proof abilities and fun designs. The silicone sleeves bring a fashionable element to the bottles, and did we mention that they’re dishwasher safe? Each bottle has a narrow mouth, making sure you avoid the embarrassing scenario of taking a sip of water, but spilling all over your shirt situations.  Bottles range in sizes from 8 ounces to 34 ounces. With so many customizable options, this water bottle is sure to become your new favorite. 


Soma water bottles cost around $35 and come in different colors. This brand has been around since the beginning of using reusable glass bottles. They also have water pitchers with filters and glass options for coffee bottles. Their design is a wide mouth opening, great for ice and easy filling. The glass is shatter-resistant, making sure your fingers and mouth will never be cut open from a fall. Their bottles are sized between 17 and 25 ounces. While the bottle comes with a bamboo lid, there are additional sports cap options available. This bottle is dishwasher safe on the top row, just be sure to hand wash the bamboo lid. 

W&P Porter 

Make hydration sleek again, with the W&P Porter bottles, costing $35. These simple bottles are constructed with durable and lightweight glass and supplied with a protective sleeve. The twist off cap provides you with easy access for drinking, refilling, and washing. Skip the handwashing on this one though, this fits perfectly and safely within your dishwasher. Drink water that tastes great with the BPA-free and good-grade quality glass for optimal cleanliness. These bottles are built to last, offering you years of daily use with the non-slip, scratch-resistant sleeve. Worried about losing the sleeve? Don’t worry! This sleeve is non-removable, making sure you never lose it, and it never slips out of your hand. 

Filling a Bottle or Drinking Out of the Tap, ONIT Does It Best

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