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How to Unpack After Moving With Ease and Efficiency

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So, you’ve moved into a new home or apartment. Congratulations! Now comes the process of unpacking. For some people, unpacking is therapeutic and full of excitement. However, not everyone loves unpacking, and that’s okay! Luckily, there’s a process on how to unpack after moving that is both easy and efficient. With any process, having a plan to follow is the best way to ensure organization and success. Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of boxes. After using this how to guide, your new house will begin to feel like home in no time. 

What to Unpack First

Unpack in the reverse order of how you packed. Think about it, you held off packing items that you were still utilizing. This is why you should apply the same logic, but backwards when it comes to unpacking. Chances are, you have an “pack last, unpack first” box. This box might include a box cutter, coffee maker, medication, toiletries, or sheets to your bed. Tackle this box first!

How to Unpack Kitchen After Moving

Unpacking your kitchen can be time consuming if you go into it blindly. However, with a little planning it can be easier to successfully complete it in a short amount of time. 

First, figure out where you’re putting your items. For example, figure out which cupboard will have your plates, and which drawer has your silverware. To keep it organized, take some masking tape and label each cabinet and drawer so you have it planned out before opening a box. As an added tip, keep the masking tape on your cabinets and drawers until you know your kitchen. That way, you and your family won’t have to open every cabinet to look for an item in the first few weeks. 

If you have kids, have them assist you with the plastic and non-breakables. That way, they can be included in the unpacking process and get acquainted with their new home. Then, when they have to unpack their own room they can see that it’s a process that can be organized and fun. 

If you’re unsure of how to set up your new kitchen, follow The Kitchn’s guide to utilizing the space properly.

A young girl sits in a moving box as she and her parents decorate the exterior of the box while inside of their living room that’s surrounded by other moving boxes.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Another tip on how to unpack after moving is to take one room at a time. This one is important so you won’t feel overwhelmed. If you’re looking at all the boxes, it can be easy to feel like you’re living in a cardboard jungle. Instead of unpacking a little bit in each room, take each room as it comes. If you’re only unpacking a box or two then moving to the next room, it can be difficult to see how much you have gotten done. This can lead to feeling discouraged or overwhelmed.  Unpacking one room and moving on is like crossing an item off your to-do list, or visibly seeing your hard work and progress.

Lastly, it can also be helpful to set up a schedule for when you’d like to complete each room and in what order. That way, you have a timetable to follow and can keep it organized. Take care of your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and any kids rooms first. The guest bedrooms, workout equipment, and garage boxes can wait until later.

Avoid Unpacking Distractions Until the End

It could be tempting to unpack and set up all your televisions on day one, but try to avoid doing this. Listen to music while unpacking instead of watching television to make sure that you’re not distracted. 

There are also some boxes that could hold distracting items, so put those off until the end. It can be easy to end up in a rabbit hole of looking through your old yearbooks for a few hours, so keep these boxes until you’re near the end of unpacking. That way, if you do get distracted, you won’t be delaying your schedule or missing out on unpacking an important or necessary box. 

Break Down Boxes Immediately

To avoid clutter, break down a box as soon as you’ve finished unpacking it. That way, you are minimizing the space your extra boxes are taking up, and can easily see how many boxes you have left to unpack. 

Not sure what to do with the boxes after you’re done unpacking? We’ve got you covered.

A young woman places a cardboard box onto the wooden floor of a new home while her husband carries in a painting.

How to Unpack After Moving Tip: Anticipate Your Future Needs

There are some things that you’ll want to add to your home that you should knock out before unpacking everything. For example, if you want to put cabinets or drawer liners in, do this before unpacking anything. That way, you aren’t doing the same job twice. You might also want to include organizers for different areas in your home. These organizing containers can be put in closets, the laundry room, garage or pantry.

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