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After Moving Tips: What To Do With Your Used Moving Boxes

A young girl sits in a moving box as she and her parents decorate the exterior of the box while inside of their living room that’s surrounded by other moving boxes.
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So you’ve done it! You’ve moved into your new home, unpacked your belongings, and now you’re ready to enjoy the new space. But there’s just one problem. There’s a bunch of moving boxes stacked throughout your home. Some of them large, some small, but all of them are in the way. This leaves you wondering how one is to go about properly getting rid of used moving boxes. Here’s how you can kick the boxes to the curb and reclaim the space inside your house.

Give Them to Family or Friends

Instead of taking your used moving boxes to the dumpster, reach out to your family and friends to see if they need the boxes. They’ll likely appreciate the gesture and you’ll be crowned a lifesaver for your kindness. You should also consider checking in with your neighbors. Maybe someone in your neighborhood is planning a move and could use a little more storage. One way you can quickly let your neighbors know about your boxes is with Nextdoor. This online application lets you quickly connect and share news with your neighborhood.

Lastly, before giving the boxes away, we recommend inspecting your boxes to make sure they’re in good enough condition to endure another round of moving.

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Log Into Social Media

If you want to widen the net of prospects for your used boxes, then it’s time to get social! You could always make a post to your timeline about the moving boxes you’re looking to get rid of. Maybe someone will leave a comment asking how and when they can swing by to relieve you of the cardboard boxes. Log into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to work on the post now.

Or log into Craigslist to sell or give away your gently used moving boxes. If you don’t feel comfortable having strangers drop by your house for pick up, agree to meet somewhere public. You can also ask a friend or family member to join you.

Two young men unload cardboard boxes from a white van onto a metal dolly.


If no one you know needs your used moving boxes, check with local organizations or charities to see how you can donate the boxes. A simple phone call or quick browsing on their website is usually all it takes to get in touch with someone from their team or to understand what the donation guidelines are. 

Some places you can donate your moving boxes include:

Use Them for Additional Storage

Regardless of where you live, it’s always nice to have some extra storage on hand. Used storage boxes can be great for housing items you can’t fit anywhere else. Organize blankets you’re not using or the DVDs that don’t fit on the television stand inside the boxes. Prevent clutter from building up in your garage by storing the miscellaneous items you’re not quite sure what to do with, like air pumps or jump rope, in one of the boxes. Make sure to re-label your boxes before placing new items inside.

You can also designate your boxes to serve as an indoor recycling bin. This lets you toss in cans or plastic bottles in a space inside your home prior to taking the discarded items to the outdoor bin.

Don’t forget it’s always nice to keep a few of the boxes on hand for a future move, especially if you live in an apartment complex. If you decide to keep some around, find a spot where you can safely store them so they can retain their condition when it’s time to use them again. If you’re able to, try flattening them out to make packing them away easier. Cover the boxes with a blanket or plastic sheet to keep moisture or dirt from tampering with their structure.

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Make a Profit

Moving is very expensive. So why not try to make a little extra cash from your used moving boxes? Websites like BoxCycle make it easy for you to find people in need of packing supplies, specifically moving boxes. 

To use BoxCycle, you just need to identify your box’s size and the number of boxes you’re selling. The bigger the box means the more money you’re likely to make from the sale. Then you’ll create an account providing the address for pickup, hours your boxes are available, and your payment preferences. Please note that a seller can make between $0.50-$1.25 per box. 

U-Haul, the popular moving supplies and storage company, also has a solution for getting rid of the moving boxes you don’t need. The company’s Customer Connect tool lets customers interact with one another to help simplify their move. If you’re specifically interested in providing your boxes to someone who needs them, use the U-Haul Box Exchange.

A young woman places a cardboard box onto the wooden floor of a new home while her husband carries in a painting.

Think Outside the Box

If you have little ones who like arts and crafts, or if you’re a bit of an artist yourself, holding onto the used moving boxes can work in favor for your next art project. Because the truth is that a cardboard box can be so much more than just a cardboard box.

Here are some unconventional but useful ways you can bring new life to your moving boxes:

  • Let the cardboard box’s sturdy structure serve as a canvas for spreading your paintbrush across. 
  • Transform the boxes into a castle for your kid’s toys. 
  • Have a box serve as a plant holder for your favorite houseplants in need of a spot in your new home. 
  • Use pieces of the boxes as dividers in your bins. 
  • When the holidays or birthday celebrations come around, you can use the boxes to gift wrap presents for loved ones. 
  • Looking for holiday decorations with a personal touch? Cut the box into small pieces, decorate, and make a Christmas tree ornament.


Finally, if you simply just want to get your used moving boxes out of your hair as quickly as possible, recycle them. Check with your city to review how you can properly dispose of the cardboard. Some cities have recycling centers where you can drop off your boxes. Give your local waste management company a call for specific details. 

If you’d rather compost your moving boxes, reach out to your nearest gardening services to see if they can use your boxes.

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