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Compare Auto Insurance: Major Insurance Companies At A Glance

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It’s legally required to have auto insurance, so finding the best rate can be tricky. When you compare auto insurance rates, there are few different factors that can vary your rate. Your rate will depend on the driver, the vehicle and the location in which you live. 

The lists below are measured by affordability, positive customer reviews and which companies are financially strong

Types of Auto Insurance

  • Liability: This is the lowest level of car insurance. If you’re found to be at fault for an accident, liability coverage covers the cost to repair the other vehicle, but not the policyholder’s vehicle. 
  • Collision Coverage: This is a popular coverage for auto insurance policies. If there is an accident, regardless if you’re at fault or not, this insurance policy will pay for both vehicles to be fixed. Theft, natural disasters or other damages might not be covered.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This is the highest level of coverage. This policy covers any damages, as long as the vehicle was not intentionally damaged by the policyholder. Damages from fire, flood, theft, and natural disasters are covered.

When comparing auto insurance, know that these three different policies will affect your rate pricing. 

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Quick Auto Insurance Facts

  • Auto liability claim for property damage on average: $3,231
  • Liability claim for bodily injury average: $15,443
  • Collision claim average: $3,144
  • Comprehensive claim average: $3,144

Highest Rated By Customers Insurances


Progressive insurance is commonly viewed through the voice and face of Flo, the upbeat, loveable face featured on commercials. This insurance company has reviews for being easy to file claims and nice customer service. 


As promised, Allstate “keeps you in good hands.” Reviewers said that filing claims is easy, and rewards drivers for keeping a good driving record. Allstate is higher on prices in Michigan, noting the “no fault” state for insurance prices. 

Amica Mutual

Amica rates high in customer satisfaction, billing, policy coverage and discounts available. 

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Best Insurance For Young Drivers


Progressive insurance is a great option for young drivers because it has unique coverage options. With progressive, you’re able to choose what you would like to cover for drivers. Progressive makes it easy to add a teen driver to your existing policy, making sure that they have the same coverages that you have. 

For more information, read our list that outlines the best insurance options for new drivers.

Best Insurance For Military Members


For military members and their families, USAA is the best choice. USAA customers are satisfied with their services, noting the ease of filing a claim. You will not qualify for USAA services unless you’re military, part of a military family, or a veteran. They have the lowest premiums nationally, regardless of age, gender or location.

Best Insurance For High Risk Drivers


Without needing to provide information relating to credit scores, the rates for high risk drivers are comparable and reasonable compared to other companies. Geico will also provide a SR-22 filing. This is a form filled out within your state to show that you are meeting the minimum auto liability insurance requirements. This is generally related to high risk drivers who have had a DUI or a reckless driving charge and need to prove that they are insured. 

Geico also offers a “DriveEasy” program that essentially can give money back if you prove that you are not a danger on the road. Just download the app to your phone so it tracks your driving habits. It looks for things like: texting and driving, hard braking, and safely cornering.  This program isn’t available to everyone. Make sure that your state is part of this program before signing on. 

For more information, read our comprehensive list of the best insurances for high risk drivers. backseat POV of a car

Compare Auto Insurance: Which Companies Provide Lowest Rates 

The top ten lowest rates according to AutoInsurance are the following: 

  • State Farm Average Rate: $2731.48/year
  • Geico Average Rate: $3,073.66/year
  • Progressive Average Rate: $3,935.36/year
  • Allstate Average Rate: $4,532.96/year
  • Liberty Mutual Average Rate: $5,295.55/year
  • Nationwide Average Rate: $3,187.20/year
  • American Family Average Rate: $3698.77/year
  • USAA Average Rate: $2,489.49/year
  • Travelers Average Rate: $3729.32/year

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