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An Easy Guide On How to File An Auto Insurance Claim Against Someone

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So you were in a car accident. Maybe it was in a parking lot. Maybe it was backing out of your driveway. No matter what happened, we’ll tell you more about how to take steps so you can put it all behind you. If you’re wondering how to file a car insurance claim against someone, keep the following in mind.

Getting Started

Most insurance companies will give you a few ways to get in touch. You might open up a claim through an app on your phone, by emailing a specific address, or by calling a customer service number. Whichever way you choose to contact your carrier, make sure you document the conversation. For instance, write down when you called, what was discussed, and who you spoke with.

Share Information

If you’re trying to file a claim against someone, you need to first tell your car insurance carrier who the other driver is. Here are just the most important details that will be useful when starting your claim:

  • Name 
  • Address
  • License Plate Number 
  • Insurance policy details 

If you took photos of the scene, submit them with the timestamp to prove when the images were taken. There’s no need to call the other person’s insurance company yet. You’ll likely need to speak with them at some point, but you should start with your carrier. 

You can also write down the details of what happened both before, during, and after the collision. This can help you answer questions correctly when asked. (This is helpful for when you speak with your own carrier or the other driver’s)

What Your Insurance Carrier Will Do

When you contact your insurance company, the staff will start a file with your information and requests. So if you had medical injuries from the accident and you need money to pay for them, they will keep a record of it all.

There are many things that you might ask for after an accident. For example, you might have needed to miss work to recover, resulting in lost wages. You might even lose your job after the accident because you had to take too much time off.  

The more details and proof you provide, the more likely you are to receive what you ask for. For example, you might submit witness statements, a police report, X-rays, or medical reports. You’ll need to determine a total and explain how you arrived at the number.

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Talk to the Claims Adjuster

If you’re searching for how to file an auto insurance claim against someone, a claims adjuster has a lot to do with the process. A claims adjuster or a claim specialist is a person who will go over the information in your claim and decide how much money should be paid and to whom. You will be assigned an adjuster based on what occurred. This person will manage the case for the insurance company and take a series of steps to settle the matter. 

When it comes to how you work with the adjuster, each case will be handled differently. You might need to speak to them over the phone, or you may need to meet in person. Some adjusters will complete their work based on photos while others will need to physically see the vehicle.

You should ask your specialist what your policy states about medical expenses, bodily injury, and vehicle repairs. It helps to avoid assumptions regarding your claim, and to ask as many questions as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is at Fault?

The answer to this complicated question depends on who you ask. It’s why some states enforce a no-fault policy. If you are in one of these states, you would have personal injury protection as a way to file a claim with your own car insurance.

If you believe that the other party is at fault, this is when you should call the other driver’s insurance company. How to file an auto insurance claim against someone? Sometimes you can’t if you were the one at fault. Please note that fault can also be shared by both drivers. 

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How Fast Will My Claim Be Settled?

This will depend on everything from your carrier to local regulations. Some states require insurers to settle within a certain amount of time of the claim being filed.

How Will My Claim Be Settled?

It’s important to stay realistic regarding your claim. Some people will have their claim paid in full, but many are denied or only granted some of what they’re requesting. For instance, if you violated state law at any time, your claim might be denied.

In addition, you should check the policy limits when it comes to coverage. So if you had medical injuries totaling $16,000, and the other person’s insurance limits only reached $15,000, then the other driver would be responsible for the extra $1,000. 

ONIT understands that it’s not always easy to figure an insurance policy out. When so many things can happen as the result of just one accident, even a simple claim can become complicated over time. If you have additional questions on how to file an auto insurance claim against someone or you’re looking for a new carrier, contact us today. We have the products and technology you need to stay in control.

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