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How to Get Pre Approved For a Mortgage: A Step by Step Guide

Being pre approved for your mortgage is a great way to show sellers that your offer is strong, competitive, and won't fall through. But how do you get pre approved? Understand what a mortgage is and the documentation you'll need to be preapproved.

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What Is A Mortgage? Breaking Down the Loan Types and More

Finding a new home is stressful, but trying to figure out a mortgage shouldn't be! Follow this guide to learn about what a mortgage is, the different options, and how you can qualify.

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How Does Insurance Work at ONIT Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Having insurance shouldn't be complicated. That's where ONIT comes in! We are here every step of the way to find you the best insurance policy options. Find out what we offer in this article.

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What To Do In a Tornado: A Guide to Safe Living in Tornado Alley

Living in tornado alley means frequent warning and watches through springtime. But what should you do in the event of a tornado? Learn how these vicious storms form and the best area of protection no matter where you are.

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First Time Homebuyer Guide to Success: Mortgages, Insurance, & More

Being a first time homebuyer comes with stress, questions, and a lot of unknowns. Here is our guide to helping you through the homebuying process so you can get moved in as soon as possible.

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a lightning strike during a thunder storm

Hail Damage: What You Should Know About Your Insurance

After a storm, you could be left with hail damage to your car or home. Here's how to find out whether or not your home and auto insurance cover any hail damage.

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Icicles formed on the eave of a home with lights hanging beneath.

Does My Home Insurance Policy Include Weather-Related Damage?

When a terrible storm hits, one of the first things you'll wonder is "does my home insurance policy include weather-related damage?" Read to discover what to include in your policy for year-round coverage, as well as how to prepare for a claims adjuster for maximum coverage.

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A small, two-story home with white paneling is next to trees with orange leaves in the fall.

Home Insurance Companies: What to Know When Shopping for Coverage

When you're looking around for new home insurance, you could be tempted to go with the cheapest or the first option. Don't do this! Instead, go into your home insurance buying process with confidence and follow steps to make sure you have everything covered.

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What to Look for When Buying a House: Reviewing Common Red Flags

Knowing what to look for when buying a house can keep you from purchasing a home needing costly repairs down the line. Read to discover what red flags to look out for when house hunting.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Bundle Home and Auto Insurance 

Bundling home and car insurance is a great way to save money on an annual basis. Learn why you should bundle your two insurances today, and how ONIT can get you started.

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What You Should Know About Solar Panel Insurance

Having solar panels is a great investment to your home. This is why it's covered by your home insurance! Make sure that your investment is covered through your homeowners insurance policy today.

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How to Save Money On Homeowners Insurance: A Tips Guide

Having home insurance is something that buyers are required to do. Therefore, don’t overspend! There are so many home insurance companies and different plans out there, so don’t take the first option that you see. Here are some great tips that can teach you how to save money on homeowners insurance. Consider Increasing Your Deductible […]

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What’s the Difference Between Homeowners and Hazard Insurance?

When you have homeowners insurance, you're also getting hazard insurance. Find out the difference between the two, and what each policy covers.

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