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Top Reasons Why You Should Bundle Home and Auto Insurance 

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Bundling insurance is not something new- there are plenty of companies that promote their bundle home and auto insurance policies. The point of these bundled insurances is to save you money in the long run. 

What is Bundled Insurance?

Bundle home and auto insurance means that you are buying multiple types of insurance policies all from one insurance provider. There are more options than just bundle home and auto insurance- there is also rental, umbrella, life, boat or even RV insurance. What this means for you is that you can achieve savings, convenience, and a streamlined insurance process.

ONIT Insurance works with you to find nationwide providers and local insurance companies to ensure that you always get the best deals on a bundled package. 

Why Should You Bundle?

When you bundle your insurances, you can receive monthly and annual discounts. The biggest benefit to bundling is that you will save money. Whether you choose to bundle auto and homeowners insurance, motorcycle and renters insurance, or life insurance and RV insurance, you can take advantage of multi-product discounts and save on your premium. 

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Bundle Home and Auto Insurance, Have Simplified Claims Process

If the unthinkable happens and causes damages to more than one of your belongings, you will not have to call multiple companies and start the lengthy claims process. Instead, you can make your claims for everything at once. 

Before You Start the Bundling Process

If you already have separate home and auto insurance policies, bundling the two together is still an easy option for you. Luckily, you already have an idea of how much you are paying for two separate policies. Therefore, when you see the prices for bundled insurances, you’ll know if you’re getting a good deal or not. You should already know the coverage that you need, which helps you find the best policies. 

Make sure to do price shopping for your premiums before you make a discount comparison. This is where you can save the most money, because you know exactly what you are getting with each premium. 

If you already have insurance, don’t let your loyalty be the reason that you pay more. Make sure to do price shopping every few years to evaluate whether or not you’re getting the best deal possible.

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Top Companies to Bundle With

According to Reviews, here are the top three companies to bundle your home and auto insurance.

State Farm: Best for the Largest Bundling Discount

State Farm is the largest home and auto insurer. They have a comprehensive list of home and car insurance discounts. They have accessibility both online and through the mobile app.  Their average savings for bundling home and auto insurance is up to $583/year. 

Allstate: Personalized Support 

Allstate is a great home and auto bundle if you drive for a ride-share program, like Uber or Lyft, or if you rent your home through AirBnB.  They offer discounts for responsible payers, drivewise programs to earn cash back, and 20% when you switch to Allstate. 

Progressive: Flexible Options

There are no penalties if you choose to switch or adjust your coverages. Progressive makes their goal to be your coverage supplier as your life changes. They also offer youth and student discounts, and have good driver reward programs. The average discount for bundling home and auto comes out at 12% savings. 

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Benefits to Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

Receiving a discount for bundling the two insurances is obvious, and most likely the main contributor for why people consider bundling insurances in the first place. Companies like Allstate tell customers that they can save up to 25% in their premiums by choosing to bundle home and auto insurance. 

Another popular advantage is that bundling insurance means that there is most likely only one deductible to meet for insurance products. This can sometimes mean that there is a lower overall deductible compared to non-bundled insurance deductibles.  

If you’re someone who isn’t as attuned to smartphone apps for insurance, bundling insurance could be the smart move. Instead of learning multiple different apps, you can have all of your information stored in one spot. This allows you to quickly access and check policies, make claims, or pay premiums in the same spot. 

Next Steps for Insurance

ONIT Insurance is here to help you find the coverage you need at the price you can afford. ONIT can help you find the best bundled packages, from the highest rated companies. We make it easier to access and view your premiums and policy information, all in one spot. It is quick and easy to pay all your policies at once. 

We can offer you every option to ensure your home and auto, including these bundled insurance packages. From your car, your home, or your family’s financial well-being, you have a lot to protect. Having a single insurance provider for all these options could be the best choice for you to save you money. 

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